Valentines Day Wishes Romantic SMS WhatsApp Love Poetry Pics

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Congratulations on February 14, all the Lovers of Valentine’s Day Friends, welcome to our new post, in this post, you will get the new best Valentine’s Day, romantic message, best wishes, and photos, etc. Friends, Valentine’s Day is believed to be a festival of love, in today’s time, valentine partners cannot be just girlfriends-boyfriends, like any of our best friends, parents or siblings who are their relationships with each other Want to strengthen some good moments by spending some good time with each other. Friends, you also must share our Valentine Day’s Best Wishes Images Greeting Sms with your friend, relationship partner or anyone you want and enjoy the whole day of your lover.┬áValentines Day Wishes Romantic SMS WhatsApp Love Poetry Pics are given here.

Valentines Day Wishes Romantic SMS WhatsApp

Happy Valentines Day Wishes for your Lover

Will give you life,
Sage of life will give you happiness
If you trust with yourself,
So believe me, this breath will give you …!
** Happy Valentines Day My Love **

There is no limit to my craving,
I do not remember anything except Surat,
I am the flower of your Gulshan.
Other than me you have no right to me ..!

Keeping the memories of some past moments,
These moments will keep coming soon,
Just keep your smile on the lips ..!
Happy Valentine Day ..!

Valentines Day Wishes Romantic SMS

If you want to see them every moment, then what is wrong with the eyes,
Every time the fragrance comes, then what is wrong with the breath,
By the way, do not come by asking for dreams,
But what dreams of the night if they come to dreams only …!

For a few moments have gone,
But for every moment,
How to forget you for a moment,
When you have lost love for love ..!
Happy Valentine to u.

You need a look,
The heart is market, he wants a home,
Just keep going along with you.
These love should be our age ..!

Only that is said, love is from you,
There is no chance of emotions,
Instead of love, only love is asked,
No request for relationship ..!

May it not be well with you,
There is no such thing as yesterday,
Your love will always be in this heart,
Whether you are in full-time contact.

Valentines Day Wishes Romantic

Valentine Day Romantic SMS

Everything is forgotten in your heart,
Chirag is sitting on the sides of happiness,
We will die in your arms,
They are also betting on death …!

When a red suit is placed on a white suit,
If you see an ambulance,
He goes with the injured,
And you are injured.

Valentines Day Wishes

Valentine Day Whatsapp Sms

We have flowers of rose,
Do not think of jasmine,
We hope you,
Do not think of your friend.

You only tell me how heart will tell you,
Whom you want, how close to it,
Yu, every person is ego, he is mine,
But how to realize that feeling ..!

We also have the paper,
We also have the pen,
Do you know what to write
This heart is with you.

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