Tips to make a good writer or journalist

Tips to make a good writer or journalist

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The writer of 20-25 compositions has been published in different journals so much that he knows what a normal level is generally for a composition. Such authors often find that their compositions are being constantly published in one magazine, but in the second they are either unable to enter or are mostly denied. They also see that some minor compositions are published in this second magazine but their composition is not published. If the author feels that this second journal is better than the first magazine but can not get admission here, then he should carefully review that journal level. Learn here to become a good writer. These tips to make a good writer or journalist.

Tips to make a good writer or journalist

Why compositions are rejected

1- The level of the composition sent is not well.
2- The editor of this type of composition is not required at this time.

How to become a good writer or journalist

Magazine Level

The level of a single magazine is not higher or lower than the other. (People say this because of personal preference) but there is a reader class of every magazine whose attention is most important for the editor to take care of. There is also a code of conduct for each journal’s editorial board. That’s the level of that magazine. The author should keep his eyesight in mind that at what time can this magazine be printed and whether it will be rejected here? To properly understand the level of the journal, focus on these points-

Magazine language

What is the language of the magazine. Does he encourage the use of English words? Does he publish the titan of the use of rural or local words? If ever your composition has been published in this magazine, then note what changes were made in the edit. Whether English and local words were translated Whether slogans or loose sentences were fired? Was there a description that was cut off? All this will give you information about the language of the magazine. Is the use of difficult words in this magazine prohibited? Every magazine respects its writers but to honor them, they will not be out of their code of conduct. After all, his thoughts, his purpose, and his readers are equally respected for him. So pay attention to the language of different magazines.

Style of magazine

To understand the different styles of each magazine, look carefully at its pillars and try to know three things. Which column can be published under my article. What is the word boundary for this particular column in the magazine and what type of society does this magazine represent? Whether the articles in which the article can be published, that text is in the bounds and represents the class that the magazine represents. For example, if the subject matter of the article is science, but there is no pillar of science in the journal, then it is clear that the composition will be rejected, no matter how good it is. Similarly, if there is a science column in the magazine but the word limit of the article is 1000 but the article is 2500 words then the article will not be published. If the magazine is for overseas Indians and the subject matter of this article is conservation of water in the village, the article will be rejected. Overall, keep in mind that access to columns, shapes, and magazines for style.

Magazine content

Every magazine is made about a particular purpose and accordingly it is subject matter. Note that this is a fashion magazine, a literary magazine, a news magazine, a home magazine, or something else. Every type of journal has every type of column but their trend is different. For example, stories of stories that will be published in a newsletter will also be mostly contemporary. The topics, the language and the style of family stories will be family-safe. Literary magazines will pay attention to literary visions of excellent writings and literary works. Therefore, understanding the subject matter of the magazine and choosing the theme of the article, story or poem for that magazine.


It is very important for the magazine to be contemporary. Every editor likes to make their magazines current. Every editor publishes special articles or compositions on weather, festivals, special occasions and great birth anniversaries and saints dates. New writers should send some new and interesting notes on these occasions. The competition for content sent on these occasions is low and if luck fills with it, then some less good compositions are also published. Read the magazines you want to write for regularly and keep an eye on what’s going on in it. There may be some special stirring in the magazine and if you are sending something else to publish it, then obviously it will be rejected.

Some more suggestions

Normally, no magazine publishes its code of conduct, but general information about this topic is on pages called “Authors”, “Send Compositions” or “Frequently Asked Questions”. Please read them carefully. This information can save a lot of authors from labor and time loss.
If you are an expert on a subject, then you can send an article with a brief introduction to the magazine as a sample. Maybe there is no column of interest in the magazine, but the magazine intends to start it.

Take care of three things

1. The views expressed in the articles should not be biased.
2. Compositions should not be subjective.
3. The usefulness and authenticity of the article increases with the use of facts and statistics (including the source).

First, make sure that your composition is to be published then write. If you think that can not be written in this way then the path of success in writing can be very long.
Do not dispute criticism nor disappoint. Criticism is for your wellbeing. Think calmly about why it was said and how it can be improved. It is not necessary that every criticism is of work but it is important to pay attention to it.

And finally

No editor is so stupid that one will reject the creation due to mistakes of two spelling mistakes, grammatical mistakes or punctuation marks. Even bigger writers and editors can make some mistake or mistake somewhere. But that does not mean that the author is free to write anything. Do your best to make sure that there is no mistake in spelling, grammar, and composition. It expresses the author’s respect towards language. If the authors do not increase their dictionary continuously, they lack the words when the time comes. Language is the author’s power, therefore, it is very important for a writer to recognize the power of language, respect it and use it properly.

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