Tips for Improving Smartphone's Battery Life

Tips for Improving Smartphone’s Battery Life

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Smart phones have become quite popular in recent years. There is little wonder in the growing demand of smart phones all over the world. Those days of ordinary mobile phones are now loaded, when the mobile phones provided only the basic facility (like phones and messages). With the speed of communication technology, due to the earthenware, we often see many new mobile phones in the market, which offer claims to be better than its predecessor. How to improve your mobile battery life? The following  tips will be extend your smartphone’s battery life.

 Tips for Improving Smartphone's Battery Life

Simple Tips to extend your Android phone’s Battery Life

Needless to say, battery consumption in smart phones is very high. The old mobile phones used to work easily and indefinitely for 3-4 days after being charged once, smart phones are usually not able to provide a performance of good battery backup. In the background of smart phones, many programs are usually operated and functional, which make a lot of use of batteries. This operation happens even when not using smart phones. That is why battery backups are very important in the operation of smart phones, and unlike the old mobile phones, are not proven effective. These effective tips to extend the mobile phone battery life.

Some Tips for Improving Smartphone’s Battery Backup

Smart phone battery performance is a very important topic for it. Operating systems such as Android and iOS, which install various applications on their phones, which greatly help users to know about the behavior related to power consumption. There are many factors affecting the battery backup of smart phones, which can be used to maximize a battery backup, we have presented some general suggestions for our readers here.

Check out the most power consuming applications:

At the outset, it is always better to check out the most power consuming applications. They are easily tested in operating systems like Android and iOS. By checking the battery consumption situation, you can get an accurate estimate of where to start and how much you have to do to increase the battery backup. In fact, in your smart phone, many such programs, different apps, etc. are operated and functional, which make a lot of use of batteries and usually you do not even know about them. Once you get information about battery consumption by these apps and programs, it is up to you to decide how much of the service you want to receive, in what amount to get it.

Manage the brightness of the smart phone as per the requirement:

You must ensure that the automatic feature of “smart” adjustment of your smart phone is turned off. It is better that you manually adjust the brightness of your smart phone’s screen at the minimum and convenient level. To reduce battery consumption, you can also keep the background of your smart phone ‘dark’. High brightness not only consumes more battery, but also affects eyes on the continuous use of the phone for a long time.

‘Auto synchronized’ consumes unnecessary power:

smart phones have many such applications (such as Facebook, Twitter or some other application) that keep running automatically. This auto-sync (sinking) consumes a lot of battery power. However, unnecessary consumption of electricity can be overcome by increasing the interval of their coordinates.

When not in use, please close all the extra features:

Extra utilities such as WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS, etc., consume a lot of energy on continuous, hence it is recommended that these facilities be needed Should be turned on and should be stopped immediately after use. Unnecessary use of them leads to unnecessary energy consumption.

Keep in mind the temperature:

People generally ignore this very important aspect of mobile phones or any other electrical device. Therefore, it is advisable not to keep the mobile phone directly in the sun or keep away from extra heat exhaust equipment like a room heater, because the extra heat emission affects not only the ability of the mobile phone but also the mobile The battery backup of the phone is also low.

Avoid using live wallpapers:

Wallpapers may look attractive to the eyes, but they consume a lot of battery. The animated animation in the wallpaper continues to consume the battery.

Avoid the use of many apps at the same time:

Visit the manufacturer of smart phones day market models are offering better mobile sets than their predecessors. This model is capable of handling multiple apps simultaneously. With the advent of new technologies, in the smart phone processor it is possible that without affecting the overall speed of the phone, you can manage multiple apps at once and simultaneously. But, the thing to keep in mind is that using multiple apps together affects the battery performance, adversely.

Do not overcharges unnecessary:

Some people have this tendency to leave their mobile set or smart phone overnight by plugging it on the charging. This negatively affects the battery. Apart from this the phone also gets hot, which is not considered good for the battery.

Use the “Energy Sever” feature:

The phone usually creates a “save energy” feature, this feature can be activated or deactivated by the user convenience. When this feature is activated once, then it ensures that the same apps and procedures should be run, which is required. Thus, the extra load on the battery of the smart phone can be efficiently reduced.

Use the power of the signal strength of the network:

If a phone’s network area is weak, then it will continuously energy for the network to maintain the signal. This means that if you are using your phone in an area where the network provider’s signal strength is not good, it means that the battery of your phone will definitely free up soon.

Use a reasonable and conventional limit for the time-out of the screen:

Have you ever noticed that how often do you lighten up your phone? In fact, many times people keep publishing the screen without any obvious reason. Doing this also removes the battery, so it is advisable that you publish the battery within the acceptable minimum range, not necessarily and not accordingly.


The display of battery backup of smart phones, has been a subject of discussion and research for these manufacturers at present. It is true that the best amount of battery backup should be available only on the basis of the comfort and comfort of the use of the customer. Therefore, if we use the battery backup efficiently in smart phones, by following these simple tips presented above, we can also make necessary improvements in the performance of the battery of smart phones.

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