Tips to grow very fast in a week

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Exercise not only reduces weight, but also some exercises that can increase your weight, include them in your daily routine and increase weight. Take these Tips to grow very fast in a week.

How to grow very fast naturally

1. Exercise and Weight

In order to increase weight, besides exercising, weight gain exercises can be regulated, its effect can double and you can easily increase body weight. Another advantage of weight gain exercises is that your muscles are strong. Weight gain exercises can keep you fit to the body and can also avoid many types of diseases. So if you want to increase your weight, exercise regularly.

2. Push-ups

Push ups are not only strengthening the muscles of the chest, shoulders, arms etc. But it increases the weight of the muscles of the other parts of the body like the waist, abdomen. This is a very normal exercise that you can do easily and anywhere.

3. Trips Dps

This strengthens your shoulders and back and increases their weight. To do this, use a chair or a low-level table, the height of the table should not be more than a single fit. To do this, put both hands on your table and keep the whole body weight on your hands and move from top to bottom.

4. Squats

This exercise strengthens the muscles of your thighs. Stand upright to do this, then put both of your hands on the front. Then bend down, while bending down your hands should move towards the top. Repeat this verb.

5. Planck

It strengthens the muscles of the stomach and waist as well as muscles of your hands. Come to the position of pushup to do this, but do not push-up in it, just keep the weight of the whole body with the help of both hands and stay in the same position for a few seconds. Walk Planck can also do this, besides Elbow Planck too.

6. Reverse Planck Bridge

This exercise is very beneficial to strengthen the thighs with the spinal cord. This is done in the opposite form of Chest Planck, while paying attention, give special attention, otherwise you may be injured. Put both hands on the back side of the ground, your mouth should be upwards, turn the legs. In this situation, your whole body should be in the air.

7. Mountain Climbers

To do this, come in the condition of pushup, you keep the whole body part on the feet. Now take your right foot forward slightly and then body weight on it, do such a thing in it so that you feel that you are climbing on the mountain. This strengthens the entire body muscles.

8. Casket

To do this, lie down on the ground by straightening the mouth upright, now keep the weight of your head on both hands and lift it upwards. Bring the legs slightly upwards and move the parts of the waist forward with the help of hands, it strengthens the stomach, spinal cord, and leg muscles. Bicycling can also do Kanchech.

9. Scissor Abs

This strengthens your foot muscles. Lie down on the ground to do this, now place your hands with your waist, then lift your legs upwards, now take one leg down. Do the activities like running scissors from the feet.

10. Diamond sit-ups

This exercise strengthens stomach muscles. To do this, lie down on your stomach, make your legs as a diamond tail. Spread your hands to the back, then lift the upper part of the waist upwards and touch the ground next to the feet, then move to the starting posture. Get out of breath when you wake up.

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