Tips to getting ready for college senior year

Tips to getting ready for college senior year

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Applying to a college can seem like the hardest thing in your high school career. At this point, you have to decide where you want to go, how you are paying for your education, and what will be your principal. But I’m here to tell you not to stress. Here the tips to getting ready for college senior year.

Tips to getting ready for college senior year

Must be getting ready for college

Yes, it is important to apply for college, but what is more important is that you remain calm and contact the college’s application process in an organized, low-stressed manner.

Heat before the senior year

You are probably excited to enjoy the last summer before your senior year in high school, but it is the best time to start researching and traveling the colleges you are interested in. The college board is a great resource to compare these schools when researching colleges while the website will be your best friend. Another great resource is to tune up the school’s analysis tool, which you can use for your higher education options to complete host data Compare, which includes: the actual annual cost of schools based on different family income levels; After earning the postgraduate; Graduation rate; Retention rate; And average debt

Since you will spend 4+ years in your college, it is important that you understand what you are going on. But just by watching the school website or using the comparison tool is not enough – it is important for those who are seriously interested in schools to participate in open houses when you start researching the schools and start the journey:

Preparation Questions to Ask During Open Homes For example, you can ask about the various programs given at the student club or school.
If possible, spend a day or night at school, you are interested. This will give you a glimpse of how it really should be to participate in school.

Talking about your options with your parents or mentor Yes, you are becoming an adult and where you decide to go to school is completely dependent on you, but in most cases, your parents / guardian Helping you fund your education. Talk to them about finances, and see whether slippage is an option or if there is a better option, communication is important when reducing your list of schools.

Senior year’s decline

Until the fall of the senior year, you will already have some ideas about the schools you are applying for. At this point, you may have already begun to show signs of seniority, but still remember working hard in your classrooms because look at your grades from the college do senior grade! The key to starting right and getting organized is giving yourself a time limit so that you do not feel overwhelmed.


Start classifying schools in class, safety, good match, access schools.
Security schools are those schools, about whom you are confident that you are going in and know that you can buy.
Good mails are schools, schools that are good for you both in terms of education and finance.
Access to schools are schools that have long shots, but those you still want to apply
Set up an appointment time with your mentor adviser and talk about your options Your counselor can play an important role in helping you decide which schools to apply. After all, this is the work of your counselor who provides advice and guidance during the application process.

Set deadline for all college applications – Date of examination, dates of financial aid documents, submit recommendations on final day etc.

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