Tips to changing a damaged mobile phone display

Tips to changing a damaged mobile phone display

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If you’ve damaged your mobile phone’s screen – maybe you dropped it or the device sat sitting in your pocket – you immediately gave yourself a headache. How to changing a damaged mobile phone display.

Tips to changing a damaged mobile phone display

Raise the cost

The phone can be repaired, and if so, what is the cost? There are many online services available that will repair your mobile phone,
But if you have access to parts and they are cheap, why not do the process yourself?


In the meantime, you should also consider non-monetary costs – the time spent without a phone, the data that needs to be removed from the device.
Can data be removed? Is there a desktop utility that can see the contents of the phone?

If a new phone is going to cost under $ 100, but there is a replacement screen cost anywhere in the same ball park,
So spending time and effort on a new display fitting is going to be in vain.
However, if the mobile phone is about $ 10 in place of the screen, then you are on some

Finding replacement screen

But where can you find a replacement screen?

It is important that you take the time to check that the components listed for your device are as likely and are not displayed due to poor writing.

Amazon also has a resource for the replacement screen,
But you should also consider a general Google search because it will discontinue specialist suppliers who may be able to provide lower prices

The tools you need

You think that you can find your chosen screen ships with the device.
Opening a mobile phone is a difficult task, one that requires screwdrivers,
A pair of small-scale tweezers (preferably plastic or carbon) with torque driver, narrow, sharp edges … and a guitar plate!

Each of these devices is used in different ways:

Typically a mobile phone will have torex screws under the battery cover, which can be considered to be gently separate from the case.

Note that spending money on these devices is not absolutely necessary.
Closing the ends of parts of the plastic bicycle wheel lever will produce useful alternatives
Otherwise, they can be obtained relatively cheaply

Principles of changing a mobile display:

There are so many different mobile phone models in the market (either new or used) that it is impossible to provide standardized guides
In addition, some models can not be repaired without sending them back to the manufacturer.

To check how your phone’s display can be changed, first you have to go to YouTube, where you hope to get a detailed guide on this process.
What would you usually know that the mobile phone is essentially made up of many layers (as has been depicted), each of which will need to be replaced in exchange for a glass display.

These guides generally follow this process:

Phone open.

To get started, you will need to remove the rear cover (where possible), remove the battery and identify where the torque (or standard) screw can be hidden.
For example, they might be next to the label or USB port, as seen in the Nokia Lumia 800 image above.

Separating the phone usually liver and pellram is used, while additional screw is likely to be found; They will usually need to be removed in order of progress

Look for ribbon cables, which require careful opening of their connectors (see above) and are often threaded through various layers of hardware within the phone.
These are delicate; Easily broken, you will need to take precautions because due to damage to them, the repair dynamics can be very low.

Delete the display:

It is generally not difficult to explain the part of your phone’s digitizer’s display – after the removal of the reserve cable, the digitizer will usually exit.
However, note that many modern phones have a joint performance / digitizer

By now you should empty the phone front in your hand, together with the glass display ready to be removed.
It should be used to soften adhesive to use a hairdryer or heat gun (as it was my second repair of the device, it had to be a new adhesive after being soft).

Adding adhesive and new display:

The replacement adhesive can be purchased in very narrow rolls.
The adhesive is basically a double-sided sticky tape, so if you have any hands to do this then it can be used in very narrow (1 mm) strips or hanging.

The adhesive should be started on the phone frame rather than glass.
Once the adhesive is in place and a new glass display is ready, remove the protective strips on the adhesive and press the glass in place.

Ensuring the right cable connection:

Then you will be ready to layer by layer, to add related cable back to your slots, to shut them down and back the phone together.
With the components ready to push back in the case, keep them in the position of caution, check that there are no cables or screws left and fix them in place,
After checking the phone to check that you have all the functionality retained.
You should be able to switch the phone without checking the last screw to check the functionality.
If you want to use the Video Guide, it is advisable to get familiar with the steps before starting it.


believe? Changing a mobile phone screen is not easy, but there is something that you should consider to be worth the price.
Although there are no hard work and rules – the device is different from the manufacturer between the manufacturer,
The general steps and pictures given above should be given a good example of what is connected in changing the most important component of your mobile, it should be damaged.

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