Tips to change your handwriting

Tips to change your handwriting

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There are many people from you or us who are very upset with their handwriting, especially parents looking for many ways to improve the writing of their children. It is said that your writing only shows how you are reading but there are many people from us that are very disturbed by their unnecessary writing. Everyone wants his handwriting to be the most beautiful and attractive, but now you stop worrying because here we will tell you how to make your writing beautiful and beautiful. The following tips will helpĀ to change your handwriting.

Tips to change your handwriting

Make cool handwriting

1 Type in the air.

Most of the time, those who have dirty or obscure handwriting, the muscles of their hands, arms and shoulders have not been tested properly. Avoid making “the word” with your hands, and instead try to write using your full side instead of the shoulder. The easiest way to practice this is to write a sentence in the air using your finger. This forces you to use your hands and shoulders muscles, thereby improving your handwriting and protecting them from looking dirty or tight.

2 Adjust the shape of your hand.

Your pen or pencil should be arranged between your thumb and index (optional) middle fingers. The end of the writing should either be with your hand or with the support of your index finger. (In this situation or anyone else) If you have grabbed your pencil very tight or very loose, then your handwriting will be bad. Hold your pencil for a good result from a third part of the bottom

3 Practice basic shapes.

Anomaly between irregularity and words, there is a consistent flaw of poor handwriting. All the letters are made up of straight lines and circles or semi-circles, so try to make them some time. Fill the page with parallel vertical lines, and parallel diagonal lines. Similarly, write a page of ‘o’ shape. When you continually write the same line repeatedly, then you are ready to write the entire word.

4 Study a directional chart.

Although everyone does it differently, but there is a definite way to write each letter of the alphabet. Making lines of each letter in the right way and in the right direction can greatly improve your writing. As a quotation, start lowercase ‘a’ from the head of the loop rather than starting with the tail. Just as it was taught in the classroom, practice writing every letter in the right direction.

5 Use different writing tools.

Although it may seem a bit upset, but different people can write better (or worse!) Than different writing tools. In addition to traditional and mechanical pencils, other types of equipment such as ballpoint, roll-on or felt pen can also be used. If you enjoy writing in a pen, finding or using a pen can be enough to improve your writing.

6 Practice your alphabet.

Yes, like the first grade, fill the lines of rows with the uppercase and lowercase letters of each letter in the alphabet. Using your collected fonts-inspiration or handwriting analysis, focus on this thing where you have to make changes. If the skew of the handwriting is your problem, then focus on writing your letters directly. If you are changing the shape of your letters, then focus on the fact that you are imitating the letters of inspiration written by you.

7 Make it the best.

Make it the best When you are satisfied with the excellence of every letter, then practice them in writing full words and sentences. Repeat this phrase repeatedly – “The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog” – this sentence-special contains all the letters of the English alphabet and you can get enough time to practice every letter. Although it may sound monotonous, but this proverb definitely applies here: “Practice comes only through practice”.

8 Always write things in hand.

Typing an essay outline or writing an email to meet a friend, instead of choosing all these options, try writing your work manually. Write things by hand wherever possible, this will be the most beneficial exercise to improve your handwriting. This may take some time, but this will create muscle used for good and clean handwriting.

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