Tips to be careful when wearing high heel

Tips to be careful when wearing high heel

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High heel shoes have been friends of a woman for centuries. This makes them look taller and thinner and their confidence grows too much. High Heel Shoes is one of the best styles. Take These Tips to be careful when wearing high heel.

wearing high heel

Best high heel shoes tips

Benefits of high heels

Wearing the heels brings glory to the beauty of women. This also helps in increasing their length. Women wear a heel and feel smart and comfortable. This changes a lot of changes in women’s movements. The heel improves the body’s posture and enhances women’s confidence. It is believed that wearing high heel shoes makes the legs look taller and more stylish. The heels are very much like clothing, such as the Concierge heels look great with professional clothing, pencil heels look great with tunic and mini, and the platform fills with the heel trousers and wide jeans.

Damage to wearing heel

There are many disadvantages of wearing heel. Women wear pain in the feet, they feel pain, because all the weight of their body falls on the legs while walking. Women who are not used to heel, they experience a lot of trouble wearing high heel. Loss of high heels, difficulty in walking, balance becomes disturbed and there is a possibility of falling while walking. It also has problems of back pain. It causes yellow spots in the ankles, which later become stiff. Continuous heels are likely to have serious foot problems in the future.

5 products to relieve the pain of high ankles

Anti Sprayant Spray

Even if your edges do not work, due to the slightest moisture in the air, your sandal skin can cut your skin and hurt it. Put the deodorant in the feet and keep them healthy and beautiful.

High heels blister blocks

Band Aid blister block easily comes in your purse. It is very useful and affects feet at the places where the probability of blisters is highest. But this is just a product that can save the problem. If you have seriously harassed the problem of fools, then you should use other products.

Gel inserts

Not only do gel inserts look good on your shoes, you can use it for a long time without facing pain in the legs.

High heels, feet cushions

Foot cushions also prove to be a great option. Whether it is only for your fingers, feet, or ankles, they actually take an inside part of the shoe. Foot Petals was invented by a very experienced woman employed in the world of fashion, who was upset over the painful heels.

Foldable Ballet Flats

These products are easily available in your purse and after work, keep the time spent outside the house or at night time free from pain.

5 ways to wear heel without feeling pain

Are you among those who like to wear heels, but only after wearing it for a while you are very tired. Below are some tips for wearing heels for you as well as not experiencing pain.

Wear shoes with soft interiors soles.
Wear high heels only when you do not have to walk too much.
Wear high heels on a working environment or special festivals. The best time to wear high heels are birthday celebrations, time to go to night clubs, graduation parties, church etc.
Do not touch your ankles and thumbs at ground level at the same time. Try to walk like this, as you walk with flat shoes. As you move one step, first place your heel on the ground and then touch the feet of the feet or the toes of the floor.
Be confident. Once you feel that you have got confidence inside you, then start dancing slowly. This will move your legs comfortably inside the shoes and you will stay in a more controlled and comfortable posture. The best place to practice wearing them when buying new heels is the super market, because at this place you can go shopping.

Tips for taking care of feet on wearing heels

Tips for taking care of feet on wearing heels

High heels for a very short time and wear only occasionally. However, you can follow the tips given below to save yourself from damage to feet due to wearing heels.

Wear the high heel shoe that comes in the best of your feet. The heels that are not fit properly in feet, they result in front of the front of the feet so that the pressure on the fingers of the feet increases the pressure and pain.
It is very important to know the type of feet before you wear heels. This will give you the right size of an arc, which will prove to be helpful in buying the right shoe for you.
Controls with thick heels and it reduces the pressure by distributing the weight equal on the legs. Knowing the right length of heels can reduce the likelihood of the problem of achilles tendon.
Avoid wear thin soles, because they have a lot of pain in the lower part of the feet. Platform heels prove to be a better option.
Take out the heels for some time and get relief by pulling ankles and fingers.

With the help of some straps of stretching, such as strap, lowering fingers and up gives significant benefit to shin muscles.
The shoes which work more in the upper part of the feet, they prove to be more comfortable. Some high heel shoes can wear you all day without any problems. Summer sandals (sandal) also prove to be very comfortable for your feet.
To make the whole shoe comfortable, insert silicone metatarsal pads in it, which helps to absorb shaking. These are called metastals or folding pads under the feet. These are oval paddes that go into the bottom of the feet. This keeps your feet in the control posture and the fingers get rid of the problem of friction or boils.
Adhering to the right type of walking can be comfortable with wearing heeled shoes. It is very important to keep your head and spinal cord straight under this type of walking. Take small steps and move currency should look like a bounce. Changing the currency of walking and changing the center of gravity will change and control.
High heel and pain, information related to the angina of the ankles (foot care after wearing high heels)
If you wear shoes that are tight or change the natural shape of your feet, then according to the doctors, there is definitely a pain problem in the feet.

If your shoes are tight or tight, along with a high heel, this pain can make a very serious approach according to the doctors.

One of the most common problems is pain and irritation in the barks. It has the bone mass of bones near the thighs of the feet, which destroys the size of the legs.

High heel does not cause problem of bunion, but it is definitely worsening. The height of the heel and the tip of the shoe play an important role.

According to doctors, there is a separate bone in the joint of the toe of women with busters, which badly affects the movement of feet. In such a situation, if the foot is thrown into a high heel, then there is a lot of pressure in these bones and the pain of bunting becomes severe.

Exercise yoga, stretching and feet, so that blood circulation in the feet and ankles is good. Good blood circulation decreases the likelihood of having metatarsalgia, fracture of stress and problems in the nerves.
Take off the shoes of high heel and immerse the feet in the water containing Epsom salt. This will open the channels of blood and the skin of the leg will be cured quickly.
Massage the lavender oil or other essential oils on them to prevent stiffness in the legs.

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