Take home remedies to remove white spots

Take home remedies to remove white spots

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Often you may have noticed that some people become white spots on their face. Due to these spots, the brightness of the face disappears. This problem is known in the medical term as Vitiligo. Learn to Take home remedies to remove white spots.

Take home remedies to remove white spots

Get Rid the White Spots On Skin

It is not that they are on any part of the face, these hands and feet can be anywhere. The most important reason for the emergence of these white spots is the irregularity of the skin cells. Cells that produce melanin

Due to the irregularity of melanin, there may be many other skin related problems. Apart from this, irregularity of hyperthyroidism, hypertension, vitamin B12, sunlight may also be the reason for this. Sometimes it can also be genetic.

If you have this problem then the biggest thing for your relief is that this problem can be overcome by domestic remedies. Here are some similar home remedies that you can get relief from this problem:

1. Using turmeric

Using turmeric, white stains of the face are easily removed. Also, anti-bacterial properties present in it also keep the infection safe from infection. Mixing turmeric with mustard oil will benefit from spots.

2. From apple vinegar

Sometimes white spots are also caused by bacterial or fungal infections. Mix water and apple vinegar in proportion to two-one. Continue putting it on spots sometime. By doing so the spots will be cleaned quickly.

3. Using honey

Antifangal and antibacterial properties are found in honey. The honey is very absorbed in the skin very quickly. Applying honey on the spots will benefit but if you mix it with sandalwood powder, turmeric, rice powder, then it will prove to be more effective.

4. Using ginger

Use of ginger in daily food increases blood circulation. Ginger is effective in many skin related diseases. If you want, cut a small piece of ginger and grind it and take out the juice. Applying this juice with red clay will greatly benefit.

5. Cabbage juice is also beneficial

Applying cabbage juice on white spots is very beneficial. If you wish, you can grind cabbage and use its juice, or boil it for 15 minutes and use its water.

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