Strength Exercise that develops the speed in football

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With the help of the right strength training, not only can we get better fitness but also improve our performance in football or any other sports. Develop Football Speed with following effective exercises.

Strength Exercise that develops the speed in football

Effective Exercises to Develop Football Speed

1. Strength Exercises for Football

Of course with the help of Strength Training Exercise, a football player can improve his performance by increasing the power. But for any football player, Strength training is of no use till he gives the player invincible power on the field. Therefore it is very important to do the right training properly. So let’s know about the speed boost in football, about Strength Exercises.

2. How to start

It should be started in the guidance of Specialist. Without guessing, it may be that the muscles are stretched and any old injury can be exposed. Learn how to train training first with first method. Exercise according to where to make the masals. Exercises of the hip and foot masels should be exercised for more than 30 years. Those who have arthritis in their knees must do it.

3. Separate for every part and organ

Strength training is done according to the parts of the body. Bench press for chest, chest press machine, push ups, peck deck machine. For back, seated row machine, back extension, pulldown etc. are over, while overhead press, letter rays, lat pullouts for shoulders. Biceps curl, hamler, concentration curl for biceps Triaxes extensions for triseps, dips, kickbacks and squats, lounges, leg press machines, deadlifts, cuff rays for lower body parts. For stomach, crunch, reverse crunch, oblique twist etc. are exercised.

4. Exercise for chest

For better performance in football, it is necessary to recover the whole body. Of which chest is also important. For this, bench press, chest press machine, push ups, peck deck machine etc.

5. Exercise for Back

The waist has tremendous contribution in the whole football match. Therefore, to strengthen it, do seated row machine, back extension, pulldown etc.

6. Exercises for shoulders

Strong shoulders are not only the strong men’s identity but their minds can also perform better in sports too. Strength exercises such as overhead press, lateral rays, lathe pullouts for shoulders are very effective.

7. Exercise for arms

To strengthen hands, biceps curl, hammer, curcantration curl. Exercise trips extensions, dips, kickbacks, etc. can be done for triceps.

8. Exercise for the lower part

The bottom part of the body is very important to play football and gives strength and support for continuous running. To make this strong, do squats, lounges, leg press machines, deadlifts and calf races.

9. Exercise for stomach

Regularly perform strong exercises such as crunch, reverse crunch, oblique twist and pelvic tilts to strengthen the stomach and get more strength to play football.

10. Lang exercise

It is a good exercise for middle thyas and leg muscles. To do this, open the legs of the shoulders and open the legs. And then move the straight leg forward and turn the opposite foot down so that it touches the ground. Switching the legs, make these retitles. On this day, do three sets of 15-20 repetitions.

11. It is important to train properly

Like any other exercise, strength training also challenges your heart. Therefore, before starting this, consult a doctor, whether your heart really is capable of dealing with this challenge. Due to not doing proper training properly muscles and nerves (tissue that connects the bones and muscles) can be damaged.

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