Tips to make your smartphone projector Just a few minutes

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When you see a video or a movie in your phone, you would think that its screen should have been slightly larger
You may know what a smartphone is equipped with so many great features, but do you know how it is made more spectacular. When you watch a video or a movie in your phone, you would think that its screen should have been a little bigger. To overcome your concern, we have brought for you a technique that you can make at home in a matter of a few minutes, which will result in a projector converted to see your phone. So let us tell you about this process.

Easy way to make your smartphone projector

To create this technique you must:

Shoe box
Magnifying glass
paper clip
Cutting knife
Sticky tape
Ruler (scale)
smart fone


For this, you have to find the middle dot of the Shu box. After this, make a circle by placing Magnifying glass on top of this point. Now cut that ball with a knife, this will make a hole in the middle of the Shu box.

Now place the magnifying glass on the ball from the shoe box and paste it with sticky tape.

Make a hole like the shoe box below and insert your phone’s charger cable inside it.

Now use paper clips to make your smartphone stand.

After this you have to turn on the mirror feature of the smartphone screen.

Go to the iPhone user’s settings in your phone, then click General, then click on the interface and tap on the touch. If you are an Android user then you can download Picture Flip app.

After this, shut down the Shu box and keep it on the side of the wall on a stand. Keep in mind that the magnifying glass of shoe box is part of the wall.

So take your own shoe box projector ready, now you can watch your phone’s video on the big screen.

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