Most Profitable Small and Medium Business ideas with low investment

Most Profitable Small and Medium Business ideas with low investment

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Business ideas: It was a really difficult time when you quit your job. You seem to start a business, but you have nothing to invest. When I started my business was completely empty with both thoughts and fund. Young entrepreneurs today are ruling the world, why not me? I kept my ears and eyes open with high consciousness to get an idea. Visit our site for low investment Business ideas. low investment Business ideas are given here. Find here the Most Profitable Small and Medium Business ideas with low investment.

Low Investment Small Business ideas

Even shoe polishing, water purifier are considered to create more business in highly profitable business. I had an old building near the township. I thought it would be better to start a guest house for tourists. It was a fully equipped one, but nobody had to take care of it. It will take some time to clean and modify the interior design. I was very excited to start this business. I started with a plan to prepare how to revive the home and consult with the interior designer who could provide a new look.

I started posting ads on different classified sites, newspaper. I also developed a small website to find good content and pictures. I did better with SEO expansion competition analysis I gave preference to Mobile Seo and today they are searching more about their smartphone to pay per click ads. After some time I started receiving calls.

I started earning big profits from domestic customers. Slowly I was on the way to becoming a young businessman with high motivation and energy. Today I handle 5 guest rooms with transportation and restaurant facilities. Today I work with corporate international clients to organize tourism, which is really a great achievement for me.

In this way I could set up a profitable business. Today the young generation is about to start the technique and achieve success in business. They are getting inspiration to explore something new and help the world. I have prepared a summary of small and medium business ideas with low investment and high profits, which can help if you kick start your business.

A small gift shop:

Starting your own gift shop can be the best business plan. Wedding and birthday gifts are now quite demanding in a day and you should take advantage of it.

Internal Planner:

Everyone is a dream house. An interior design planner is highly profitable business tips. There is no shortage of interior designer. You need to have some work experience with creative skills.

wedding planner:

Marriage is an important event in everyone’s life. So exact match is very important. You can be right to match the bride to a relationship with the groom.

Coaching classes:

If you are a teacher or want to start teaching, start your own coaching class. You can teach law, physics, mathematics, commerce which is a huge demand.

Stationery / Grocery Store Business:

Everyone needs groceries and steady items. You can sell fast moving consumer items, like office items, pens, papers like clipboards. Keep items used daily in the stock.

Mobile food stalls:

Everyone lives a fast life and does not need time to prepare breakfast or food. It can help people save their time and enjoy delicious food.

mobile shop:

Almost everyone today owns a smartphone. A mobile recharging shop may be a good earning business.

Jewelry shop:

Do you know that girls and women are going crazy for defeat, bracelets, rings? With the increase in the price of gold and diamond, jewelry design is a good choice for you. You can sell gold, silver, diamond as well as counterfeit jewelry which is quite needed by women.

Garment Shop:

Women’s clothing store can give you more benefits than men’s wear or you can sell both types.

Newspaper Agency:

If you want to earn money with less investment, then this can be a great plan for you.

Beauty Parlor / Salon:

Bridal make-up, message centers are the most demanding and profitable business nowadays.

Housing and boarding:

If you have an old house or rent a house open a lodge and display a signboard.

Book shop:

Book lovers are everywhere. This is a great achievement, so you will be selecting this plan. But be careful before choosing the place. The book stores should be easily accessible to students and book lovers.


Photography Business:

Good photography skills are needed to bind every event moments. You can open your shop and work as an independent photographer. You know the skills of photoshop editing photographs with or should hire a person.

computer shop:

Home and office computers are operated from everywhere so why not start a computer shop?

Security / espionage agency:

Due to the increase in the number of crimes and theft protection, the house has become mandatory, offices and factories. If you can hire some qualified safety professionals, then this may be a good option for you.

Real Estate Adviser:

Buying and selling a home is a very complex task. Being a real estate agent or consultant, you can earn good money by providing the right services.

Travel Organization:

Who does not love to travel? The travel and hospitality industry is booming. You can organize tours and travel.

School for small children:

Former nursery schools have considerable demand in European and American countries. If you have a good place or you can take a rented place to kick this business start up.

Xerox and bookbinders:

Students and bookbinders always looking for Xerox for their school and college projects. It is very easy to start and needs less investment.


Weight loss is a major concern for urban people. By opening a gym you can help people lose weight and build muscle.


You can be a web developer, designer or SEO expert, then free is the best choice for you.

Computer Training Institute:

The demand for computer courses is increasing day by day. Students from High School are learning all the computers for housewives.

Sports Parlor:

The young generation is crazy behind computer games. Xbox, Nintendo are amazing gaming platforms.

Courier Agency:

Due to the growing online market, most people purchase products online. Courier service is taking Skylift needed. You can start your own courier service or merge your company with someone already present.

HR Consultation:

Everyone wants to do a good job. You can combine your recruitment farm with various multinational companies running.


Are you able to create good content? Then there can be no better option than blogging. Start an online blog to earn a beautiful income.

Advertising / Marketing Agency:

Both offline and online marketing agencies are a profitable business.

Fast food shop:

You can make some good arrangements for hungry people. You can run your fast food parlor and deliver online.

Resume Writing:

There is considerable demand for professional resume writing services. Because a professional resume is needed by everyone else.

Data entry services:

It’s a big opportunity to start your business.

Curio Shop:

There is a huge demand of ancient times nowadays. You can get a huge chance to earn good to start your curio shop.

Second Hand Auto Dealer:

You can open your dealership as a second hand auto dealer. You have to work as an intermediary. You can find second-hand vehicles online and buy them. Then you invest some micro finance in reprint. Then you can sell it.

motivational speaker:

Can you talk well? Is your speech motivating others? Then you can become a good motivational speaker. Companies need good speakers to motivate their employees.

Discount Spa Parlor:

Discounts are quite a good option for busy people.

Packers and movers

It is not an option for you unless you have a good manpower.

Insurance Advisory:

If you have good marketing skills then you can easily convince people by running a good insurance agency.

Dairy & Dessert Shop:

Any type of sweet event is also very important for dairy products.

Event Management:

Do not choose this option unless you have human power. Manpower is the main requirement here. If you have that confidence go ahead.

To help people and save their time, every entrepreneur of quality is common that. They go in spite of all the obstacles to achieve success. They go beyond necessity and desperation. Determination shines when there is frustration.

Every entrepreneur knows that without their client they are not doing anything. An entrepreneur truly values and appreciates every customer. They know the power of oral marketing more than any paid instrument. The price for the customer brings some more. They constantly evaluate their rivals and bring something better less expensive to what your customers really want and need. Low budget airline owners are the prime example of keeping customers first.

People think you just sit and relax in a home business Those small things do not seem to be running behind their business. When you put a lot of time man while running a successful business Compare your 9-5 business days to working successful home businesses spending 6-8 hours a day.

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