Simple tips to enhance facial beauty

Simple tips to enhance facial beauty

Beauty Tips

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Everyone wants his face to be beautiful and fair. But many of them use products containing harmful chemicals. Our face is very sensitive so these products can also cause significant damage. So use natural things on your face. How to enhance Your facial beauty and Looks with fresh and natural looking makeup. There are many things in our house to bring natural glow on the face. The simple tips to enhance facial beauty. Let us know about these things .

Simple tips to enhance facial beauty

Natural home remedies for facial beauty enhancement

Turmeric is said to be the most useful for beauty of the face in Ayurveda. That is why the bride and groom are given turmeric in marriage at our wedding. Mix raw milk in turmeric every morning and apply it on the face. This will make your face look beautiful and shiny.

Mix the pulp of the cooked papaya and make it squeeze and apply it on your face. Let it dry for 20 minutes and then clean it with cloth and apply sesame oil. Due to daily use, facial wrinkles are eliminated.

Mix lemon and honey in equal quantity and apply them on the face. After planting 10 minutes, wash with cold water. The limbo works as a natural face wash, using it, the impurities present in the face are extinguished and the glow faces out. Lime for the face with oily skin is quite beneficial.

If the skin of the face is dry-dry then apply honey in the mixture of cucumber.

Mix the honey, sesame oil and lemon juice together in the gram flour. Now put it on your face every morning before bathing. This will nurture the beauty of the face.

Put coconut water on face twice a day. This will eliminate facial scars and acne.

Mix honey with lenti twice a day and eat it. With its regular intake, the chekera skin becomes beautiful and soft.

There are many nutrients present in banana which are beneficial for health and skin. Prepare a face paste and apply it on the face. It also gives natural moisture to the face.

Dilute the almond oil in the lemon juice and apply it on the face. This will clear the face color.

Massaging the skin of facial skin by massaging coconut oil on the face is a bulk, resulting in natural glow on the face. Heat coconut oil and use it.

Take juice of basil leaves and mix it with lemon juice and massage the face with it. Basil leaves contain natural antibiotics which remove any type of bacterial or viral infection from the face. Therefore, it eliminates facial scars and nail fibers.

Tomato is beneficial for health as much as it is for the face. Applying tomato juice on your face daily with people with Oily face. It absorbs the oil present in the face, which makes the face shine.

By adding lemon juice mixed with rose water, the face stain is smooth and tender.

Massage face with native ghee before sleeping at night. From this, injury marks and scars on the face will gradually end.

Mix the castor oil in gram flour and make it a knot and apply it on face as a face mask. This will eliminate the shrieks of the face and the natural face will appear on the face.

Gulab water in Ayurveda has been described as beneficial for the face. After washing the mouth every morning, soak rui with rose water and apply it on the face. By doing such a routine, the sun tanning on the face starts to finish and the face looks beautiful and beautiful.

Applying some honeycombs in raw milk also removes the blackness of the face. It also makes the face soft.

Prepare the powder of orange peels by drying them in the sun. Now add raw milk, lemon juice and rose water to this paste and make paste. Keep this paste in the face for 15 minutes and wash with cold water. This brings back lost beauty of the face.

Keep these things in mind to keep the beauty of face

Reduce makeup and lighten. Make more use of natural substances instead of chemical substances for makeup.

Also use natural items such as lemon juice etc. to bleach on your face.

Wash the face thoroughly with clean water every morning.

Use natural moisturiser on face before sleeping.

Protect the face from dust and pollution.

Use a good sunscreen cream to avoid sunlight and sun rays.

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