Simple Beauty Tips to Look Pretty

Simple Beauty Tips to Look Pretty

Beauty Tips

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Every woman does something new to look beautiful. As well as going to beauty parlor, facializing on the face does not hesitate and do not hesitate to experiment too much. There was a time when it was considered necessary for women to look beautiful only after a few years of marriage. But with increasing awareness of beauty, women can always keep themselves beautiful. Simple Beauty tips to look pretty and attractive.

Easy home remedies for beauty

Simple Remedy 1:

Two-three leaves of neem clean the blood by eating empty stomach in the morning, which does not cause acne. Applying high milk gives color to the color. Applying multani clay and sandalwood powder in the rose water gives glow on the face. The skin is delicate at this age, so do not get facialized.

At the age of 20 to 30, girls step out of the house threshold. Therefore, at this age girls feel most needed to look beautiful. They want to walk with changing fashion.

Simple Remedy 2:

Before making makeup, rub the tomatoes piece on the face for 15 minutes. This makes make-up longer for long. Mix calamine and sandalwood powder into rose water. Use milk to make makeup. Get facials once a month.

Most girls have been married at the age of 40. After two to three years of marriage, they lose their adornment. Signs of growing age on the face begin to appear. Wrinkles and wrinkles begin to fall.

Simple Remedy 3:

Pay special attention to eating food. Increase the amount of vitamins and calcium content in the food. Mix honey in bananas for about 20 minutes. Put the papaya pulp on the face to make skin soft.

Women over the age of forty are busy behind home and children. In this case, the interest in women’s consciousness starts decreasing. But now this thinking has changed. Have facials once in 15 days for shining face. Do not make too heavy makeup, use a light colored lipstick.

Brightness of face

Oily skins should apply egg whites on the face and egg-yolk to dry skin should be placed in the egg yolk. Applying the egg on the face, limbs of the skin are limited and the wrinkles fall too late.

Home remedies for hair

For the treatment of stiff hair, first of all you need to drink more water. You should drink at least 6-10 glasses of water throughout the day. This will bring back the lost moisture of your hair. Take two lemon juice in a vessel and mix some water in it. Then put this mixture in your scalp and hair.

In an effort to look more beautiful, women ignore the needs of their skin and later they have to face many skin related problems.
There are many benefits of gram. As if milk is added to the gram flour, then if it is applied on the face then it comes to the face. It can also be applied to the whole body, which also removes the filth and blackness.

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