Secret iPhone Tips and Tricks Should Know

Secret iPhone Tips and Tricks Should Know

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If you are a new user or an experienced user of Apple’s iPhone, then you are most likely that using your smartphone to the full max. With these simple tips and tricks, you will not learn everything about your iPhone, but you will definitely become a more efficient user.

You can take a screenshot. You can be incredibly useful in a lot of ways, taking a screenshot, taking quick photos of strange texts to save on the content to look on your mobile browser. The iPhone’s display has been super quick and easy to take a quick picture of whatever it is on your; Simply press the home key at the same time as the button at the top of the device at the bottom of your phone. Your screenshot will be saved to roll your camera.

There is a series with pleasure. If you call Siri to add an address to people in your contact list and then take them to you, then they will give you instructions for their home. Will give Speaking of Siri about his relationship will inspire him to ask him to remember. If you agree, he will remember. Then, whenever you will be he, ask him to name your relationship. Like Siri speaking Rebecca My sister will ask herself to ask the question whenever Rebecca is your sister, that “Who is my sister?” Quick Scroll:

If you scroll down the web page for a very long time, just click on your screen Tap on top of the tab to immediately be taken to the top of it. Automatic backup to ICloud on your iPhone,> iCloud> Storage and backup settings and go to iCloud backup Ray turn Automatically backup this important data to your phone repeatedly to synchronize it. To type in caps locked letters, enable lock on your phone by simply tapping the double lid arrow in the lid. Increase battery life. It seems that your iPhone’s battery performance is low, you can push it and push notifications by disabling Bluetooth, 3G. Just go to Settings> General> Network.

Use the Home button once pressing the Home button will take you to your main screen. Pressing it twice can help you to search everything on your phone that will lead to the search headlines. The spotlight appears in search whether the control appears to appear in the spotlights, Settings> General> Spotlight To go to search and your needs Select according to. Block Inappropriate Content To do this, tap Settings> General> For restrictions and tap Enable restriction. This will allow you to add a pass code and select which apps you want to make accessible. Download Apps and Music on all your iproducts. You have many Apple devices and then again and not to download the same apps or music on them If you want to do this, you can enable the automatic app, download and music for iBooks by going to Settings> Read Read Receipts in IMessage.

Letting know when your text message is read by activating the “Send Accept” message from the setting. Close the program running in the background. Just double tap the home button, then hold down your finger on the app you want to close. If it starts shaking then, once, tap the red minus icon to close. If you feel that your phone is moving slowly, it will be a great help. You can be a master of self improvement. If you are typing a note or an e-mail, Could have had some issues with auto-correction or auto-complete features. Occasionally the results are useful and on the right, but for the second time they are anything but helpful. When you type when you pay attention, you do not need to be dependent on the mercy of your iPhone. A small text box will pop up and recommend a spelling or a complete word; Press this space key to accept it. If you do not want to accept this word, then tap the small “X” that comes forward to do this.

This can help you avoid some faux pas when texting. Make your own dictionary. Talking of automatic correction and autocomplete, you can create your own dictionary. If you enter a custom dictionary, then auto-correction your phone and you will be automatically type of things from entering the word you actually use. To do this, go to “Settings” and then “General.” Scroll down for the shortcut area in this list and tap “Add new shortcut.” Your iPhone has several ringtone And the message comes with tons, but these are the same sounds that millions of other iPhone users are using.

If you want to do something unique, you may be tempted to shell out huge sums for custom ring tones. If you prefer to allocate special ringtones for some people or groups, then you can spend a lot of it. So, to get the ringtone without breaking the bank, you should look into the applications that allow you to create ringtones out of the songs already on the mobile phone. If you want to spend some of these money and you make a lot of ringtones, then only buy. If you are only looking to turn out a pair of tones, you can also get a free version of these popular apps. Block your number from the caller ID of the other people. For any number of reasons blocking your number, It is possible.

Maybe you need to call your new number, or maybe you are using your personal number for business that does not want to be a pre, but you do not want professional contacts to make your personal points. You can easily block your number from the “Settings” menu. There, you should go to the “Phone” area and select “Show my caller ID” option; There you need to “do not.” Switch this on the back, follow the same steps and slide to over to slide “Yes.” Nobodies’ business choice multitask. Android is one of the preferred reasons for many iPhone because better multitasking is offered. Developed in iOS, multitasking has improved. If you need to quickly switch from one app to another, you just have to press the Home button to leave an app. Then click the home key again to reveal your most recently used apps at the bottom of the double screen. A quick swipe of the finger will allow you to jerk through all the recently used applications, allowing you to quickly jump from one application to another; That way you are making more productive.

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