Tips to protect your eyes in bright sunlight

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Sun is going out of the rug. In such a way, if you get out of the house, save your priceless eyes. Sunglasses get your eyes closed and the form comes in color also. Today, the custom of wearing ‘dark-glasses’ or ‘sunglasses’ is also increasing in the form of fashion. Protect your eyes from heavy sunlight (be careful to buy sun-glass). These Tips to protect your eyes in bright sunlight.

Protect your eyes from heavy sunlight

So, how are your glasses, let us look at some of these things: –

When buying a sun-glass, it should be examined carefully, otherwise the cheap and the poor variety of glasses can damage your eyes. Sunglasses protect the eyes from ultraviolet rays and dust particles that come with bright sunlight and sunlight.

Only two things in glasses are the ‘frame’ and ‘glass’ main. Both of these should be assayed. Should sit properly on the frame, ears and nose. It is neither tight nor too loose. Tight goggles cause headache, while the loose frame has to be moved over and over again. Sometimes even loose glasses fall.

Frames should not be prick anywhere in the body, otherwise the stinging spot gets stained, which makes the face unsightly. The fram should be thin, because in the thick frame, the area of ​​sight decreases and the thick frame makes the glasses too heavy. If someone is allergic to wearing a metal frame, they should take plastic frame.

The main intention of wearing sun-glasses is to protect the eye from ultraviolet rays, which emitted from the sun’s rays. The rays of light, reflected by the wide surface of the sea, roads made of sand, ice and ‘concrete’, are reflected on the eyes directly. To avoid these polarized lenses should be used.

In addition, the one-way-glass i.e. only the inside-out glass can be good, because such glasses reflect the rays of light and absorb ultraviolet rays.

After cleaning the glasses, clean it in the case. If there is stain anywhere, wash it with water and clean it with soft cloth. Do not keep the glasses going around here, otherwise there is fear of scratches on the glasses.

Please note the following advice from the doctors for the protection of the eyes: –

Never buy glasses from the sidewalk. The mind may be tempted by the tempting models lying on the road.

If you have been instructed to wear power glass, wear photocompany glass only, eyes will get maximum relief from heat and light.

Never use power sun-glass if your eyes are fine.

When looking at the glasses, carefully observe that there is a whole coating on the glass uniformly.

There should be no scarring and scratches on the glasses.

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