How to Propose a girl on this valentines day

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So, today is the Propose Day. Today many issues may be created. Any flower will offer a gift and propose to your partner. That is, you’ve really got that girl, which you want to propose. Or it may be that you want to give your friend the best propose idea. How to Propose a girl on this valentines day without any problem?

Whatever the reason, it is necessary that every step has been blown up to propose to the girl on this day. That’s why we are telling you about the 10 things that need to be taken during ‘Mission Proposal’ …

Easy tips to Propose a girl

1. Be sure that you really love them

Do you really like that girl so much that you spend her whole life with her? First of all, you have to ask yourself this question. Take a short time and write down the reasons why you like them. Before reaching any result, definitely take the opinion of common friends and your family.

2. Is that girl too serious to you?

Before you propose them, it is important for you to know how serious that girl is to you and how far she wants to take your relationship with you and to what extent.

3. Get approval from family of girlfriend

Your Marriage should not be proxied, it is necessary that before accepting the girl you should also get approval for her family. Because the girl may also want to reject your marriage proposal because she does not want to marry against her family.

4. Choose rings carefully

Every girl has a dream about her wedding ring. If you know what kind of ring they want, then your problem solves. If not know, choose the ring while taking care of your budget and their personality. If you happen to buy a ring, then take her friend or sister together.

5. When to Propose

‘Girls should forget the love, do not forget the dates …’ Well, this is the line of film songs, but it is also fair to the extent. The girls remember the special day, the date. Therefore, you should carefully consider the time and date of proposing. No, for this, there is no need to show a paternity from Pandit, just listen to your heart. You may also propose Valentine’s Day, their birthday day or any festive occasion.

6. Where to propose

The place and environment of the proposition will always be remembered. The special thing is that they will be your biggest hand in making them. Therefore, the place of the proposition should also be special. For this, choose a place that is special for both of you or wherever you want to go to that place you want your girlfriends.

7. How to propose

Suppose sitting on knees, or by placing a ring in the drink or by skywriting? The way should also be grand and memorable. Just take care of where he will feel comfortable at such a moment. Maybe you do not like to propose to him all the time.

8. Practice

Maybe you can not bring your heart to Jubo. It may also be that despite being self-confident, you can not say anything at that time. So it would be better to prepare a small romantic speech before proposing and rehearse it in front of the mirror.

9.Luke Your Best

In this memorable moment, your ‘picture perfect’ look is made. Therefore, take care of space and time while choosing clothes, shoes, and accessories. Obviously, while proposing the beach, you can not go to suit-boot, or to go to an upscale restaurant in an airplane can prove to be ‘harmful’.

10. Propose!

Finally, when it comes time to propose, apply step by step on your plan. If girlfriends can expose your proposal, then it may be due to happiness, crying. Be prepared for this. If your proposal does not look good or they want to take some more time, then introduce the sense of wisdom. Do not take it on your ego.

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