Proper care of a teen’s face skin

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Acne is not only long cosmetic, but also a psychological problem of age has been considered. Teenagers are very sensitive to their continued presence, sometimes the situation also comes for this depression. The inevitable cost of maturation and hormonal changes the body, which will make them boys and girls from boys and girls – they do not want to understand and accept the fact that it is. Learn here the Proper care of a teen’s face skin.

Face Skin Care Tips

To help young people understand that it is for them, and through this very painful period, in general, the adolescent’s overall health and skin acne, the ability to combat blackheads and pustules A systematic approach is needed.

It is rare to see the teenagers have passed this problem. Therefore it is necessary to explain how best to deal with these unpleasant incidents for young people.

Care properly

The main reason for effective conflict with acne is the regular and proper cleaning of the skin. It is necessary not only a light soap and should be calm in the morning only with water in the morning, but in the evening to wash, and in the evening – hot. After washing, it is recommended to clean the face of any lotion for oily skin, which can be replaced with a hot solution of borax (1 teaspoon diluted in a spoonful of teaspoon water). It can be used for this purpose in the form of boric alcohol.

For skin useful steam bath Their skin once treated with alcohol-scented water.

You can clean the face with the help of a very good process. Process: The face is well lathered, and then a light pressing places are severe acne groups wiped with soft sponges or cotton, which is wet with hydrogen peroxide solution of three percent (this Glycerin, mixture of water and lemon juice, can be replaced with taken in equal proportion). Then, the face was rinsed with hot water and the adulteration of lotion or calendula (1 teaspoon, spoon, diluted in a glass of water) was wiped.

In principle, it is not difficult and can be prepared to clean the face of the decoction of natural materials. To this, 1 teaspoon. To pour 2 cups of mint leaves, chamomile flowers, Yero herbs St. John’s wort, and spoon boiling water, two hours, to stress and add 2 teaspoons.

Sun (morning and evening, but not in the afternoon) works well on the oily skin, but they can not be misused to avoid possible irritation.

The normal condition of the body also affects the skin. It is recommended that a healthy routine, adequate sleep, exercise and is running in fresh air for a long time.

And another rule: To touch the face with as little as your hands, especially dirty. Swearing of healthy skin – its absolute holiness.

As a teenager, the problem is now a special series for the skin, which includes those creams, lotions, mask cleaning and a number of other cosmetic products.

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