Precious Tips to Improve Your Creative Writing

Precious Tips to Improve Your Creative Writing

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Today in this article we will learn about “short story” – how to write a short story.
Before writing short story, it is important to know what is the difference between novel and short story?
Mostly we get to see novels and short stories in the same form. And in the modern era novels also seem to be in the form of a short story.

“The novel provides us with the whole story of a person’s life or character. While the short story (short story), the character introduces one of the special events associated with his life. ”
This is the main difference that makes us well-acquainted with novels and short stories.

So let’s know how to write a good short-story?

1. Create short-story structure in the brain

It is important for you to study more and more short stories first. Steal his form from every short story and prepare it in your brain, and then with the help of imagination, help transform your own story.
Feel that you want to prepare your story in what form or structure.
Think of your own story as a whole and think that in that form you want to try to write that story.

2. Preface of Short Story

In short stories, the preamble plays an important role. Most of the introduction we introduce the characters or characters of our character to the readers.

It is also worth noting that while writing the preamble or writing the first paragraph, we should have a good knowledge of literary words, signs and language.
Language-style should never be altered in short stories. Language-style is the center of attraction that will keep the readers tied to your short story.

Therefore, a slight variation in language style can give a poor look to your better story.

3. The short story’s plot

With the introduction you create the potential of your character.
The thing to note here is that the character must always be moving forward towards achieving its objective, passing through troubles.
How to write a novel in the last article? Even in this we reiterated the same point which plays an important role for the story.
The readers who like the powerful, but powerful, who fight with troubles, are very fond of it.
If you want to repeat anything in a short story through the character, then be especially careful about the fact that the characters guide the readers to the truth. It affects people very much.

4. Role of Short Story character

It may not be that you have made your character better. But in order to make it even better, you are pushing the character beyond its main goal.

Keep in mind that the character does not stray from its prime target.

5. Select the storyteller carefully in short story

It is a very special thing to tell your story, that is, who is giving the story to the readers?

Then start writing the story only.

Writing the story in three forms, you can choose a storyteller.
1 self eligible – first man
2 You Writer – Second Male
3 Using any other (she) storyteller – Third Male

6. Inspirations in Short Story

Choosing motivations also is the treatment of refining the character better.

You can also choose incidents of inspiration or the events of the Sattvic world or the real life for the main character.

The purpose of short stories is to motivate often, so give inspiration through your main characters and storytellers.

7. Background play in short story

Talking about lateral scenes or background themes, it is much better if most themes are based on real life.

Give the imagination a realistic shape and gather more and more readers’ attention.

8. Epilogue of Short Story

While writing each story, the epilogue is the hive, whose readers get the main goal of his character.

That is to give the entirety of that purpose for which the story begins. Therefore the epilogue of the story should be very attractive and thrilling.

9. Read and Teach After Writing Short Stripe

After taking the full story, read yourself and write down the minor mistakes and wrong words.
After that, make sure to read your story to a friend or relative and collect comments on the story.

10. Keep in mind the size of the story in short story

The most important thing to note in these points is the size of your story.

Always keep the story size brief, otherwise the story can be transformed into a novel short story.

11. Start typing short story

Keeping in mind the whole thing, you can start writing the correct choice of the preamble, the character of the character, the role of character and characters in the boundaries of speculation and troubles.

Introducing the introduction of the character in the preamble and the bond of its boundaries must be shown.

If you write down a short story keeping in mind the points mentioned in this article. Then you can successfully create a short story, and bring yourself in front of the world as a successful storyteller.

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