How To create a New Year's hairdressing

How To create a New Year’s hairdressing

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hairdressing is a must for new year’s party. The new year’s hair should be beautiful. At a celebration party, you looked best, but it is equally important that this hairstyle followed all the happiness of the New Year’s eve and kept its original form till the morning. This style can be done on the cabin without a long queue and time, money and power saving. How To create a New Year’s hairdressing?

How To Make A New Year’s Hairdressing

You will need
Thermal rollers or curlers on Velcro;
Decorative comb and hairpin;
artificial flowers


1. Hairstyle style should be appropriate for both style and your style.Party. If you are planning some kind of dance, outdoor games and other active entertainment, then give priority to careless curls. They will look fantastic, even if it is a bit scary. This hairstyle can be done on the hair of any length, very small.

2. Wash the hair, apply them to a smoothing Conditioner and towel dry Now treat wet varieties with a hairdryer. Almost dry, wet with a styling agent and thermal rollers on Velcro or air on curl. Choose the size, depending on which plan you want to get. The big curls will give a shine, the little ones will curl hair in curls

3. Remove the hair curl from dry hair, bend your head, move the curl with your fingers and sprinkle them lightly with lacquer. Throw the hair away, make a farewell, lightly curl with soft brush and spray the other part of the varnish on top. Make a bang, tighten it with warm curling iron and put a thin blanket. Fix the bangs with varnish

4. As a result, curl can be left free. If you prefer a high hairstyle to pin the temples with combing comb, then collect curls, brush them lightly and rotate them in the net tow. Pin the triangle with the stone behind the head and clamp it with a smart big hair clip. Leave the hair ends free on top. Sprinkle hands with spray for style and rotate the curls on the ends, making them rings and fixing them with your fingertips. Safe hairstyle varnish

5.If you prefer sticker ringlets, use curling iron before this, hair should be treated with a protective agent, which prevents high temperature risk. The forceps divide the hair into warm, thin strands and begin to bend them, moving from behind the head to the face.

6. Find curls with a hair spray and decorate the bangs or farewell by conducting a thin comb with your fingers. Leaves loose or tighten on the knee in a high tail. Release a couple of curls from the face, fold them with forceps. Secured hairstyle and decorate with artificial flowers

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