New Year's Eve Special Dresses for Girls

New Year’s Eve Special Dresses for Girls

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Everyone are preparing to congratulate this new year. In this way, you can celebrate this happiness with your special people first, so here you are talking about the most special New year dresses for girls.

Special dresses for girls

Traditional New Year’s attire for girls Hahim Maiden, Snowflake, Hingbone, Fairy, Princess When you need to come up with New Year’s attire for your daughter, they come first. But it has often been found that most of the Matini girls come out in these suits, but you want the child’s costume to be original and unique.

Therefore, it is worth the imagination and come with some other costumes. Why not pay attention to remind us of Disney’s cartoon heroines, new year’s costume for girls? On one side, these images can be adequately identified, on the other hand, they have not been repeated so widely so far.

Pocahontas costume

Why not invite your daughter to try on the image of a daughter Indian princess? Apart from this, there is enough to make such a suit. This suit is made of cloth and imitation of the side with a rusty surface. Color can choose any, but the combination of beige and dark red will look the most beautiful

A suit consists of straight trousers, straight clothes and poncho. Half of the poncho and tunic, sleeve and trouser pants and fringe can be trimmed with a peak (a multi-colored pearl can be worn on the edge) above the tunic, you can place it on a belt in which to sew it with a decorative “apron” Which is decorated with brent and fringe. The final stroke is a hat with a wing (real or paper) as a bar. On your feet – soft roasting

By the way, Indian costumes can not only come to Pokhontas, but also Tiger Lilly, the daughter of the leader of the Indians from the cartoon “Peter Pen”.

Princess Jasmine Dress

This suit is suitable for white black haired girls. In this trouser, armlet, brasserie, decoration trousers, bodice and sleeve are made of bright light cloth (for example, chiffon) for head with a “veil” and accessories. Collicos are made on the waist and under the trousers, as well as both sides of the sleeve, in which you need to insert an elastic band. Dress is decorated with pearls, glasses, paillettes, fringe

As a baggage you can use monisto (necklace), decorative coins and glass beads. Bracelet placed on the wrist – a thick or very thin You can put large (but light) ears in the ear, if you are sure that they will not trouble the child anyhow. You can store a handkerchief in the store that can embroider with decorative coins and be decorated with fringe, and bind them around the hip. The beaded crochet beads or ballet flats on their feet instead of the Oriental shoes.

Snow White Costume

New Year's Eve Dresses for Girls

One of the oldest Disney cartoons is “Snow White”, so this suit will be recognized by everyone. It is a costume, a short skirt and a bow, most of you have to tinker with your clothes. You need to find pattern-dress with a drunken sleeve-torch, with a decorative lid, it is made from the front of the brassiere blue satin. , Skirt- “sun” – yellow color

The sleeves-lanterns should pay special attention. They are made up of two parts, the upper sleeve is sewn with the same cloth as the bodice. In it, you need to make vertical incisions and take action on the edges. The sleeve of the bottom is made of pale pink color, then the need to join both sleeves, top position and holes in the hands. The bottom is made of the same blue satin on the cuff.

The lush underscores have sewn from the same light pink cloth as the lower one. It does not need a chest in a dress, you can wear it separately. A satin bow is placed on his head. A wide red satin ribbon should be stitched for the same width of your flannel or cotton cloth. A satin bow is sewn up from the same ribbon, Velcro acts as a fastener.

These new year’s costumes for girls can be sown on New Year’s Eve in 2018. After developing a fantasy, you can reproduce and other costume Disney heroines, for example Cinderella, Belle “Beauty and the Beast”, Fairy Dinh-Dinh or Wendy “Peter Pena”

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