Defend the lungs, skin, eyes and ears from the pollution

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Pollution of many firecrackers, combined with pollution already present in the air, causes symptoms of many diseases such as bronchitis, asthma etc. And the noise of firecrackers can have hearing problems. Defend the lungs, skin, eyes and ears from the pollution.

This pollution is extremely dangerous for your eyes. Due to this, infection in the eyes is very common. Along with the eyes, this pollution is also extremely harmful to your lungs, skin and ears, as well as the smoke of the firecrackers, both of their smog and the haze falling in this season start to cause you much harm.

To avoid this pollution even further during , we are going to tell you some important things that you can use to protect yourself from this polluted air.

How to Protect Your Eyes From Pollutant

1. Wash your eyes after a few hours –

The poisonous gas of firecrackers blown out is found in the air, which causes a major problem. It is not good at all for eyes and the best way to avoid them is water. Wash your eyes with cold water for four to five times a day. It cleanses the eyesight of the eyes so that there is no danger of infection.

2. Always keep eye drops in your hands –

Our eyes are in the midst of pollution due to which many kinds of symptoms are found, such as allergens, secretions inside the glands, burning, dry eyes, reding of eyes, pain etc. Therefore, to avoid these most of these, always keep your iDrops and use it to remove these symptoms.

3. Wear eye patches in the night –

Pollution becomes very high in nights. To avoid polluted gas on the night of, you can put an eye patch on your eyes while sleeping, so your eyes will be safe from all these things.

4. Do not go too far in front of the sun –

You may have trouble in your eyes even in the night not only in the night. The sun’s radiation damages our eyes. Ultraviolet rays of the sun can cause macular degeneration (blurred vision) for your eyes. So, therefore, avoid going to the sun.

5. Wear sunglasses to keep eyes safe –

To protect the eyes from harmful rays and pollution, add the habit of wearing sunglasses that protect from ultraviolet rays.

Smoke and pollution from the firecrackers becomes extremely painful for the patient of asthma. It is very difficult to breathe this day, to avoid smoke and pollution, you can take help of such suggestions as:

Do not go to areas where crackers are burning –

It is impossible that you can stay away completely from the smoke but try not to go from the place where crackers are burning and if you stay in the house that day it will be the best thing. Try not to burn firecrackers yourself either.

It is difficult to stay away from pollution, then wearing masks –

If you are going through a cracked spot then wear a mask to protect your nose and mouth. You can buy masks from chemists. You can also use the handkerchief or scarf instead of the mask. Wet the mask for more effective protection from pollution.

If possible, in house AC. sit by air conditioner –

Most of the pollution will remain out by keeping the windows closed and the air conditioner will help keep you away from the feeling of suffocation.

Take your medicines everyday –

If you take asthma medicine, keep in mind that you do not miss a single day and you keep taking them everyday.

Keep inhaler with you –

Where else do you need it When you do not know, keep in mind you must always stay inhalers.

Drink too much water –

Being hydrated can help to prevent hyper-acidity.

If you live in a city where there is a lot of misty problems, then the best way to avoid it is to go to the holidays in a quiet and fun place for a few days.

Protect your ears from the sound of crackers –

Save the ears while burning firecrackers, save yourself from burning. The sound of firecrackers can damage your ear earrings (ear-curtains), as well as the ability to listen to ear bones and hearing. If the noise exceeds 85 decibels then you can lose the ability to listen. Some crackers can be up to 150 decibels. If such a cracker is torn around you, then the sensible person can lose his ability to listen.

Some important tips to protect the ears from this noise are as follows:

How to Rescue –

Damage due to noise can be completely prevented from damage to the ear. to do this

If possible with firecrackers, stay away completely.
If you can not stay completely away, keep a safe distance.
Wear protective earplugs or earphones.

Protect your skin from pollution

Your skin also suffers harm. Smoke, pollution damage your skin. But with these tips you can keep your skin safe –

1. Deep Cleansing –

Polluted particles reach their pores and only to remove them and only deep cleansing can save your skin. To end this problem, use the Foundation (if possible, take the Foundation made from Sun Protection Elements). This will protect your face and under the eyes you can use the Concealer.

2. Do not use oils products on face –

Do not use oil-based make-up products because they pull dust and pollution particles very quickly. Avoid using Teli Foundation and Concealer. Rather use the matte products on your face. By using it you will not get polluted particles on your face. If your skin is teasing, then this tip is very beneficial for you. Use the powder after the liquid foundation.

3. Keep eyelids light to protect eyes from dust –

As you know, the eyes of our eyes protect you from dust. Use the mascara to enhance the eyelids, or you can also use the Fake Eyelashes in the market. These will not only show you beautiful but also help to enhance your eyelids. Dust clay will not reach your eyes.

4. Use of the Body Foundation –

Use the Body Foundation or body mixed with body color. This will enhance your body as well as open holes will also be closed. Remember that the foundation of your face and body should be of the same shed.

5. Keep the lips focused –

These excessive pollution can make your lips curl and sticky. Use the matte lipstick instead of glossy lipsticks for your lips. Due to this you will not dust dust on your lips. Anyway, nowadays, lipstick is going on in a lot of trends, it will win you a lot.

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