Job Interview Questions and Answers About Your Self

Job Interview Questions and Answers About Your Self

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We are here to tell you some common questions asked in the interview and their answers. When you give an interview to the interviewer according to our stated tips, then understand that your point of view can be made to a great extent. Top 10 Job Interview Questions and Answers are given here. Learn here the Job Interview Questions and Answers About Your Self.

Tell us something about yourself – This is the first question that is usually asked in the interview that you tell me something about yourself. Make some preparations for this. Not so, you’re repeating things. Try to tell about the work you know. Keep in mind that by focusing more on those things and work, you have got a job for the job (work). Explaining the work already done, finish the matter by telling the work you are currently doing.

Why did you leave last job?

Give positive answers to such questions. If there is any problem in that job, do not mention it or tell it lightly. Describe what you tell to be cheerful and finish on the positive turning point like I had an opportunity in another company, had a special job opportunity or any other positive answer.

How many years of work experience- tell about the old experiences related to the position you are going to give an interview. If there is no experience related to the post then mention the related activities.

Your colleague’s opinion about you- Remember one or two things about your colleagues. These things can also be in the form of a statement. Referring to the things you talk about about yourself such as you are strong, hardworking, honest, etc. among colleagues.

What do you know about our institute or company?

For this, you have to go through a little research. As to what kind of company you want to go to (Institute), how it works, who is its competitor in the market, what is the attitude of the institute in the market. What kind of role will you play in taking the institution further. Which work you know, whose experience can make you better the company.

Why do you want to join?

Answer this question in the light of the information gathered about the company. The truth in the answer is important, otherwise your falsehood will be caught here immediately. Introduce it in such a way that you have come to join this institution for a long time.

Someone in the institute knows:

Every institution has its own policy. Before answering this question, know what the policies are about working with the knowledge base (friends, relatives) in this institute. Well it would be good if you used to be careful to tell the name of someone you know.

Your thinking about work:

the interviewer who does not want to hear the long answer. Are you sure you want to get this job? If yes So there is a better answer for such questions that the better for the institution to do as well as possible. I would like to work till retirement, provided the company needs me.

Why do you take the institute?

You tell them that whatever work you have is needed in the institute and you can share your experience with the institute and take the institution towards the path of success. When you talk about the experience, do not compare to any other applicant. If possible, you can put your thoughts on some points that the institute is looking forward to.

What is your strongest side?

The answers can be many but give positive answers. Your ability to work, skills to overcome problems, ability to work under pressure, professional experience, leadership skills and positive attitude

How much salary is expected:

This question is asked. It has to be cleverly answered. So first do not reply to it and say, ‘Even though this is a very difficult answer’, it would be nice how much you are willing to give me. In many cases the interviewer says that you will tell later. In such a case, ‘OK, seeing the work, I expect fine salaries.’

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