ISSB Test Preparation Guide Books (initial, final)

ISSB Test Preparation Guide Books (initial, final)

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Dear ISSB candidate, in this article, we will help in the preparation of your ISSB Job test. We will discuss tips and strategies for cracking it without participating in coaching institutes. If you want to make a career in the most reputable military core of Pakistan such as Armed, Air and Navy forces, you have to work hard and employ your time accordingly. For the help of the candidates, we are providing here ISSB Test Preparation Guide Books (initial, final).

Do not worry, we will help you create study plans and strategies, so that you can pass ISSB test without participating in coaching. In this article, we have covered every aspect of preparation, which is told to candidates by prestigious coaching centers. So that you can compete with them. There can be many reasons with the candidates, such as lack of money, shortage of time, full time job and higher studies can not be included in coaching institutes.

Important Things to Start ISSB Test Preparation

ISSB Test Pattern

Before starting any preparation, it is very important to know the test patterns and the curriculum. By avoiding this factor, you can fall into the same situation and cause a failure in the test.

Collect the syllabus from the official website of ISSB because it is very important and the first requirement of preparation is. You read many things but are not studying things that are listed in the curriculum. It is not possible to achieve success in the ISSB test without the syllabus. So, look at the course and its components well.

Cut-off of past papers:

Knowing the level of competition required to determine the extent of your study, for which many get the original idea of cut-off of last year papers. If the last cutoff is too high then the competition will be more for the current year, so it will be more helpful in planning and strategy.


To get success in such competitive test, a complete study material is required. Select books, which include many examples and questions with proper explanations and concepts of all subjects. Thus, if you are dedicated to cracking the ISSB test then you will have to buy the best study material for preparation because the appropriate study material reduces your time and learning efforts.

Study strategy:

Since the competition level of this ISSB test is increasing every year, so you have to make strategies to study periodically. You should know all the factors that can be helpful and affect your study. In this context, we have prepared some strategies that you can adopt.

Preparation time:

Evaluate the time for your study from your busy day to day life. Choose a specific time from day one to your study. You can also make it flexible because it is not possible to study every day at a given time. Therefore, make slots 2-3 times and choose any of them to prepare.

Study Sequence:

If you plan a time slot for the study, you can easily cover the entire course. However, not to study only one subject. Make a regular order to study a particular topic. It is advisable to alternatively read in rotation for each topic. This will give you the learning speed and maximum knowledge.

Standard books:

“Books are any of best friend.” Therefore, before buying books, always select books by doing standard books or research, because there are many books available in the market which are not suitable for preparation.

Make your assessment:

During the study, you can easily find weak and strong areas. It is true that not all course topics can be understood equally and there is no need for equal efforts. Some topics are easy for someone but can be difficult for others, so identify the easy and difficult topics. Less time for easy subject and more time for hard subject exercises.

ISSB Test Initial and Final Test Guide Books

  • Workbook, Verbal Intelligence Test
  • ISSB Scientific Guide
  • Workbook Personality Test
  • Workbook Non-Verbal Intelligence Test

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