Increase battery life of your smartphones and laptops

Increase battery life of your smartphones and laptops

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Today, most of the smartphones come with high-resolution large displays, powerful processors and more memory. The purpose of this is to make multi-tasking and difficult task too easy. However, it also means that in such a situation the phone will have trouble running the battery throughout the day and for this reason the power bank has become compulsion. How to Increase battery life of your smartphones and laptops.

Increase battery life of your smartphones and laptops

Tip to make your phone’s battery life last longer

Similar laptops can also be said about. As the battery becomes older, the need for repeatedly using the power plug will also increase. Most of the electronics devices we use come with lithium ion and lithium poly batteries. These quick charging features are equipped with but do not necessarily have long battery life. Keeping the age of the battery in mind, upgrading the laptop requires better battery replacement.

Does your smartphone, tablet or laptop battery do not last much longer? Use these tips from the first day for better results.

1. Turn off Location Tracking

In a recent report, it has been claimed that the Facebook app quickly eliminates the battery of the iPhone because it uses the GPS module to repeat the user’s location. In such a case, the app that does not need your location will be able to offset their location tracking.

On more Android devices, you can turn off location tracking completely by going to the location after the settings. By the way, the option to fix this at the app level is currently only given in Android Marshmallow.

In iOS 9, you go to Settings, then select Privacy and then Location Services. After this, you can disable it according to every app. For the same app, place the location on the axes which they need.

2. Keep the temperature meditation

Using batteries in high temperatures, it can be more troublesome than cycling. Battery University says that more temperature and increasing age gradually reduce battery performance. Using a device in low temperature (above 30 degrees Celsius is considered to be high), his life cycle will be better. Testing has found that the use of batteries in 60 degree temperature for three months reaches 60 per cent and 65 per cent in 40 degree temperature. Try to save your device from heat, like do not make the mistake of leaving your mobile on the car’s dashboard in the hot summer

3. Avoid free apps, start buying apps

Apps that come with advertising can reduce your device’s battery life by as little as 2.5 to 2.1 hours. Such claims are made by some American researchers. According to the study, the processor of the phone is like his brain. Advertising also uses parts of this mind, which makes it slow.

It’s not that all free apps are affecting your battery, but if you see any ad on it, then it will affect the bandwidth and processors. You will have many benefits when you pay for the app That too when many applications are available at just Rs 10 in today’s date.

It would be better to use the application in the system to edit text on a laptop. Doing this will cause more battery consumption than using the browser. If you are not using the internet, then turn off Wi-Fi connection. On Windows PC, you need to press “Fn + F2” on the keyboard. By the way, this command also depends on the device manufacturer. In this case, you can also use the Wi-Fi icon on the device.

4. It is better to charge completely a little bit

A great suggestion given by Battery University can be understood by the example of marathon. It is better to take the battery directly from 100% and eliminate it at zero so that you give it up to 50% discharge. Keep the order between 30 to 80 percent. Doing this will increase your battery discharge bicycle three times.

Lenovo uses this principle in the battery maintenance settings. You can also customize it according to your needs. To make the battery eligible for many years, Lenovo suggests that you set the pattern of charging starting from 40 percent and closing at 50 percent.

5. Reduce the display’s brightness

This suggestion applies to laptops and mobile devices. Most devices can easily use brightness settings or reduce screen brightness to third-party applications such as Lux. Apart from reducing the brightness of the display, the color of the screen also changes. However, power over the olead screen can be saved through a software layer, while reducing backlight brightness for LCD in it.
You can save a little bit of battery by reducing the amount of time your device stays on while the device is inactive. On Android you can set this by going to the display after the settings. After the settings in iOS, after the General, after switching to auto-lock, you can change the settings according to your convenience.

Right-click the battery icon in the Windows laptop, then on the power option. After this change the settings to Power Saver. Windows will automatically reduce the brightness after this. Apart from this, standby and other settings will start giving preference to the battery performance.

6. Update app on Wi-Fi or charging battery

Generally any action by which the processor or bandwidth is pressurized, it will take more CPU power. The best thing would be that this action is generally stable and mobile data should be used for Wi-Fi instead of the Internet. The best way to do this is to schedule your app updates on Wi-Fi only. If there is an option in your device then you can schedule it while charging.

You can access this setting in the Play Store app on Android. Launch the app. Swap the menu on the screen by swaping from left to right. After that go to Settings, then in the auto-update app. Then select Wi-Fi only mode Go to settings in iPhone or iPad Wi-Fi + Cellular, then in iTunes and App Store. After this use off cellular data.

7. Use flight mode

If your phone is not near the cellular tower, its effect will also be on standby time. If you are in a place where there is no network, then it is better to activate airplane mode (flight mode) in the phone. Your phone will look for networks repeatedly in places where the effect will be on the battery life.

8. Turn on Low Power Mode

Battery saver mode does not exist in all Android phones. If you are using Android 5.0 or higher, then this mode is more likely to be present on your device. As soon as your phone’s battery reaches 15%, it automatically becomes active. This closes background app refresh, location tracking and sync activity, so that battery life can be saved. Android comes with Marshmallow Doz Features. If you do not use your phone for a long time, then this feature sends your phone in deep slow mode. Due to this feature standby time doubles. If you are using an old version of Android phone you will not get this feature.

There is also a low power mode in the iPhone equipped with iOS 9, which closes background refresh, visual effects and automatic downloads. You can access this feature by going to the battery option from settings.

If you are using an old Android phone, then the manufacturer has given its LOW power mode on your phone. For example, on Sony’s phone it is known as Stamina mode and in the name of Extreme Power mode in HTC. By the way, you can also use several third-party applications. However, our experience shows that built-in apps are more effective.

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