Tips to improve your writing, reading and listening skills

Tips to improve your writing, reading and listening skills

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If you are seeking the way to improve writing, reading and listening then these tips will help to improve the skills.

Tips to improve your writing, reading and listening skills

Improve Your Language Skills with following ways

1 Listen to English radio or podcast:

The best way to improve the knowledge of English listening is to download an English language podcast or radio application in your phone or MP3 player.
Then you should try listening to a podcast or radio show for at least 30 minutes daily Do this when you are at your gym, while you are at work or when you are sitting on your computer.
Try to understand what is being said to him in reality, do not let the English go above you. Even if you feel that it is very fast, try to understand the key words and phrases so that you can know what the conversation is about.
If you do not understand any word or phrase, then note it at that time and see its translation later. After that listen to the podcast or show again to hear new words or phrases in that context.

View 2 English films and TV shows:

Another fun way to improve your listening ability is to watch English movies and TV shows.
Try to choose movies or TV programs that you enjoyed – this will not look like this one work. If possible, choose movies or programs that you are already familiar with, such as children’s cartoons or blockbuster movies. If you already know the basic story then you will be able to understand the language very easily.
However, avoid watching movies or TV programs with subtitles in your native language – it will only take your attention and focus less on understanding English, which is not your purpose.

3 Read an English book, newspaper or magazine:

Reading to learn a new language is an essential part, so do not forget to practice!
Find out exactly what you are interested in – whether it’s a famous English novel “The New York Times” or a fashion magazine and then start reading it. If you feel bored written in it, then you will be less willing to fall in it.
Again, try to make an active effort to understand what you are reading, do not read it from top to bottom and leave it. Highlight any words or phrases that you do not understand, then find them in the dictionary.
If you are alone, you can also try to read aloud – it will work on your pronunciation as well as understand your reading or will help to improve it.

4 Make a diary in English:

In addition to reading and understanding, you should also work on your written English for some time.
This can be one of the toughest aspects of learning the language, but still it is important. Writing in English will help in improving your sentence structure, grammar and spelling.
Try to keep an English diary, in which you write a few sentences every day. It does not have to be highly personal – you can write about the weather, what you ate at dinner or what your day plans are.
If you feel comfortable with it, then show what you have written to a native speaker and get it checked for any kind of error. This will help to avoid repeating the same type of mistake.

5 Find an English-Speaking Letter Find Friends:

Once your written language skills improve, you can think of making an English speaking letter friend.
An English-speaking letter-friend connects with the enthusiasm of letter or email to the practice of writing your English.
Your letter-friend can be an English learner like you, or they can be an English speaker from birth, who want to practice your foreign language skills by writing a letter in your mother tongue.

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