Importance of Mehndi in marriage ceremony

Importance of Mehndi in marriage ceremony

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In our tradition, Mehndi has been practiced since ancient times, because Mehndi is an integral part of the woman beauty, without which every ritual is considered incomplete. Only then, with all our festivals, Mehndi is also used in the occasion of marriage and marriage. Often you must have seen that the wedding of bride and groom in the wedding ceremony at our wedding is definitely worth it. But why the tradition of applying a henna on the occasion of happiness was started? There are many reasons behind this, which we are telling you today.

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1. Importance of Mehndi in marriage

The handmade frozen is not only a blooming color but also a part of our culture. It is considered a symbol of our coming happiness, so it is very important to take it at the time of marriage. It is believed that the blossoming of it comes as much as the bloom of our house. At that time, the color of the Mehndi is seen in the hands of every bride, how deeply its color descends. Where there is a custom of applying a henna in the whole hand of the bride, the groom is also appointed as a henna.

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2. The symbol of love

Hearing of a henna in the hands of the bride and groom is considered a symbol of love and affection between their families with their lives. The deeper the color of the henna in the hands of the bride, the relationship between husband and wife will remain intact. It reflects the unbreakable love of both.

3. Auspicious

The color of a henna in the hands of the bride and groom, on both hands, is considered as auspicious sign of happiness of both life.

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4. Medicinal properties

Mehndi has many types of medicinal properties which maintain coolness in the body. Mehndi plays an important role in relieving the growing mindset during marriage. It provides relief in headache, stress and fatigue, with cooling in our body. By applying henna, many skin related diseases are removed. It also works to maintain moisture in the skin. Apart from this, Mehndi’s fragrance is very aphrodisiac, which makes special moments romantic after marriage.

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5. Strengthens love relationships

It is said that the color of the Mehndi, which is in the hands of the bride, comes out more and more, her love remains deep towards her husband, and she gets a lot of love for her husband as well as in-laws.

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