Household methods to remove henna color

Household methods to remove henna color

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Mehndi or Henna is an integral part of our culture. women provided henna on their hands.  In every festival, marriage or festival, it is very much appreciated by every lady. Handed with beautiful design of Mehndi, it looks good at that time, but when the color of the deep henna starts to fade after a few days, then it seems to remove that henna as soon as possible. women want to get rid of rosemary as soon as possible, but henna prints do not go so fast. In such a way, following some home remedies, henna designs can be removed. Let’s know some such easy steps.

Household methods to remove henna color

How to remove henna design

Lemon and soda

For this, prepare lemon juice mixed with 3 spoons baking soda and prepare the paste. Now, wash it with water. It will lighten the color of the henna. 2-3 times a day, it will clear hands quickly


Dripgent is also very beneficial for getting rid of heated rosemary. For this, add some water to the detergent and make a paste and rub it lightly on the palms. This will gradually reduce the color of the henna.
Olive oil and salt
For this add salt in olive oil and prepare thick paste. After applying some thread, clean the hands with dry cotton, which will cause henna to descend.


You can also use the potatoes to remove the henna. For this, massage the potato juice on the palm and wash hands with lukewarm water after drying. Repeat this procedure will start 2-3 times a day.

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