Helpful beauty tips oily skin makeup

Helpful beauty tips for oily skin makeup

Beauty Tips

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Women of the whole world are very worried about their appearance. They want to look blonde, shiny and attractive. It is very difficult to keep skin skin clean, blonde and shiny. The good thing in the oil skin is that it provides late onset compared to the rusty skin. Check here the helpful beauty tips oily skin makeup.

Helpful beauty tips oily skin makeup

How to learn for oily skin makeup

Do you have skin oily and because of this you do not like to make too much makeup? Many women of us have oily skin and we are afraid that if we do makeup then our face will not look so bad. But there is no need to be so puzzled at this because we will tell you some tips and tricks for doing make-up on oily skin, which will make you easy to make-up.

Tips for Oily Skin Coagulation

Hard cleaners remove the surface of the skin and remove moisture and secrete more oil than before. Many face wash contains chemical substances. Multani clay, sandalwood powder, barley flour, turmeric powder mixed with face wash, are considered to be better than face wash found in the market.

Oily skin collects dead cells in excessive amount of dry skin. More scrubbing makes the skin cells open skin and oil, so scrubbing should be done 2 to 3 times per week. You can also use bloating paper to remove oil from the skin.

Natural scrub can be made by grinding dried orange peel or lemon peel. Apart from this, a good scrub can also be made by mixing coffee beans with baking powder.
Oil of oily skin can be reduced by using blotting paper or powder. Repeat it repeatedly when you feel the oil on the skin.

Papaya – The skin of the papaya spots on the skin. It removes dead cells, dandruff and wrinkles from the skin.

Women who have oily skin should keep abstinence from make-up. And if they want to make use of powder-made makeup. Powder will absorb skin oil and your makeup will last for a long time. The powder foundation, powder blush and powder liner are easily available in the market.

Treat glycolic and salicylic acid peel treatment for sensitive skin.
Women who have oily skin should not use cold cream or any oil. This closes the pores of the skin, causing acne and stains.

Daily food contains fruits, proteins, beans and nuts, barley increases the amount of oil in the skin. The quantity of sugar in the food, oiled oils, alcoholic drinks and similar things should be eaten in a controlled way.

Home remedies for oily skin

It is a myth that the oil skin does not need moisture. The oil does not provide moisture, therefore it is necessary to drink water to give moisture to the skin. Here are some of the oldest prescriptions for India, which are for home remedies for white skin, especially for white skin.

Homemade Facials Scrub –

This is a very old recipe of beauty that is coming from many generations. Applying white skin, sour, and rubbing the skin gives rise to skin. Sour can be easily made at home, in which many ingredients can be added such as almonds, pistachios, cashew paste, cream, wheat oil, black gram powder and rose water. Home Remedies for White Skin This paste can be found in a few months by adding white and soft skin in a few months.

Homemade facial scrub – turmeric, gram flour, cream

The Indian bride’s bride is put together by mixing these three together. It removes the cry of the face and makes the skin uniform and soft. It is also helpful in removing black heads from the skin, so the skin becomes neat.

Whites Taking – Tomatoes

It’s used as a beauty expert bleach. By applying it everyday, it shines on the skin and makes it beautiful.

White Masturbation Tips – Potatoes

The best cream for dry skin available in the market
Raw potato is very good for sunburn. It works like a natural bleach. You can apply it immediately after coming from summer.

Home Remedies for Whites

In the place of soap, mix gram flour with tomatoes, curd, honey, lemon juice and rose water. Put the mixture to dry and dry. Then put water on it and take it out with a light hand. Dirt, dust, black heads and dead cells will be removed from the face. Using daily, the skin will become soft, white and shiny.

Citric acid for lemon

Many bleaching products contain Hydro-Coinine Chemistry, which creates a substance called Melonin on the skin. Hydro canine is considered unsafe and rigid. Natural hydro cation is extracted from citric acid which is found in all citrus fruits. It can be used for making white. The mixture of lemon juice, olive oil and sugar can be used for baby’s similar skin scrub. Turmeric and lemon also make the skin white. Salt, lemon and milk are also useful in cleaning the skin.

Almonds for lighten and protect the oil skin

Vitamin E present in almonds is imprisoned to prevent sun rays. Applying milk mixed with soaked almonds can make skin white and clean.

Glycerin facial cleanser

Paste made from milk, lemon juice and glycerine is the best recipe, so that moisture content of the skin can be kept in winter.

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