How to Get rid of acne from face masks

How to Get rid of acne from face masks

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Most acne are in young age. Once it gets acne on the face, it is a little difficult to remove them. If we follow certain precautions, then it will be cured soon. When acne starts to get started then there is a slight discomfort and when they are wound, they also leave stains on the face. Therefore, they should not be rubbed on their exit. Below we are giving some tips, you can get rid of acne by using them.

How to Get rid of acne from face masks

Due to acne often become stains on the face. Generally we make them deeper by pressing or dancing with nails etc. If there are acne, then do not tease them. If you want a good beauty parl

Olive oil is quite beneficial for the mouths. Add fourth teaspoon of lemon juice in half a teaspoon olive oil then apply it on the face. Washing after 15 minutes will benefit.

Mint mask

Add a spoonful of rose water to a spoonful of mint juice and apply it on the face. Keep it for a few hours. Even if you can sleep in the night. Then wash the face with cold water.

Almond mask

Grind four almonds with two spoons of milk. Mix one spoonful of orange juice and vitamin A’s capsules on the face. Find more on the spots. Wash the face after twenty minutes.

Mask of raw papaya

Grind small pieces of raw papaya and extract its juice. Let it dry well with face and spots. Wash the face after fifteen minutes.

1. Use a coupon lotion on acne to remove acne first. Clear the face with some medicated soap and hot water.

2. Grind molasses and grind juice. Mix half a teaspoon of lemon juice and apply it on the face. Wash the face after twenty minutes.

3. In the sandalwood paste, mix the thick cucumber juice.

4. Grind neem leaves. Wash the face after twenty minutes.

5. Mix one spoon turmeric, one spoon neem juice and two spoon milk in a spoon gram flour and make paste. Wash the face thoroughly after 20 minutes.

6. Applying light starch paste on the face throughout the night also benefits greatly from sleeping.

7. If the acne is not finished again, soak roti in the juice of mint juice daily and rub it on the face. Wash after a while.

8. Do not use others’ towels or other things like soap, cream etc. Clean the dust, dirt with the help of cleansers from the outside. Always keep the skin clean.

9. Wash the normal and dry skin two times a day and the oily skin three times in a day with warm hot water.

10. Food substances are not more oily. Eat more salads and drink at least eight glasses of water per day. This kind of care can maintain your beauty.

Steam Facials are Best For Acne

They can be cleansed by steam opening by steam. Lubrication, dust, etc., can be cleaned on the skin. Steam facials have new life and new shine on the face.

Take hot water in the basin and put rose petals in it. Let them wet them for a few minutes. Now cover your face with towels, so that steam can not be split around. Keep the face close by steam. If there are blackheads on the face then remove them by pressing or remove them from Black Head Remover and clean them with cotton. Wash face with warm water, wash face with warm water. Now let’s dry with a good face mask on the face. Wash later with cold water. In this way, once a week or fifteen days, you keep giving the face steam, then the beauty of the face will remain.

Some essential precautions for wearing face masks

1. If you are using the mask for the first time on your skin, first select your skin type mask.

2. Use the mask on a clean skin.

3. When the skin is warm, then insert the mask. For this, use the mask during cream facial or steam facial.

4. Leave the eyes around and the part of the lips and put it in the rest of the place.

5. Apply the mask on dry skin, delicate skin, mixed skin only for ten minutes. After that wash with water.

6. Leave the mask on oily skin for fifteen minutes. Wash after that.

7. Use the mask according to the weather.

8. Do not go out in the sun or the sun immediately after taking the mask. It has direct effect on the skin. Let the skin relax for a while, so that the proteins we have given to the skin can nurture them properly.

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