Forget Mobile Pattern Lock or Pin

Forget Mobile Pattern Lock or Pin

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What to do if you accidentally forget your smartphone’s pattern lock or PIN?
It can happen to someone when someone changes a longer password or pin used. It becomes difficult to remember the new password or the PIN after that. How to find the forget mobile pattern Lock or pin?

Forget Mobile Pattern Lock or Pin

Fingerprint passwords so far have not been very popular among people. Even after having a lot of free apps, people have not liked this method to keep their data safe on smartphones.
If you forget the password, PIN or pattern lock, then you have an option to reset the factory to the smartphone.

The advantage of factory reset is that if you worry about your smartphone more than the data, then its use works immediately.
But the complete data stored on the smartphone will be useless. But there are other ways to solve this problem.

In case of forgot password, Android Device Manager will work for you. On Smartphone, if you have logged into a Google Account, then you can manage your Android device.
Click the ‘Lock’ button appearing on the screen, after which you will see the option to enter a new password. Just type it and then your work will be done in about five minutes.

If you use pattern lock, Android device has an option of ‘Forgotten Pattern’. Five times if you used the wrong pattern, then you will see ‘Try Again in 30 Minutes’ on the screen.

At the moment below, ‘Forgotten Patterns’ will also be written. Click on that and then you will have to enter the details of your Google Account. You will never receive an email from Google about your pattern lock. You can also solve the locked screen by booting the smartphone in safe mode. This works best when you have downloaded an app to lock the screen.

You can boot most of Android’s smartphones in safe mode. When you press the button to on-off on the screen, the question on the screen will be whether you want to boot the smartphone in safe mode? Once done, it will boot in safe mode.

After that the app that locks the screen is disabled for a while. Uninstall it once and turn the smartphone off again.

There is a service called ‘Find My Mobile’ in the Samsung smartphone. If you have setup a Samsung account, then you have to log on to it from a browser. After logging in, the ‘Lock My Screen’ will appear on the left.

Here you have to enter the new PIN and then click on the ‘lock’. In the next two-three minutes, the password of your screen will change and you will be able to work on your device. But if you have not created a Samsung account, then this will not work.

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