Fashion tips to Look Perfect in Salwar Suit

Fashion tips to Look Perfect in Salwar Suit

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Salwar Suit is an apparel that is evergreen. All these types of fashion funds are used on this out fit and they are also running. Due to the traditional dress, there is no restriction on wearing them in traditional homes. If the salwar suit is worn, wearing the color of your colors, figure, heights etc. If you go, it can also make you center and lure.

Fashion tips to Look Perfect in Salwar Suit

Salwar Kameez fashion tips to look slim and smart

1. The shirt should always be something long. You will see this longer. If your height is five to five feet, your shirt length should be 47-48 inches.

2. If your shoulders are wide then do not wear puff sleeves.

3. If your arms are thick then do not wear sleeveless. If you choose a five-inch arm shirt, your thick arms will hide it and you will look a little slim.
4. Salwar kameez can be worn in many styles but keep changing with style trends. These days are in short kurti and big bottom trends.

5. The churidar looks beautiful on long shirts. Avoid wearing shingled-salwar on short kurti. You will look long with Chinese collars but if you have wide shoulders then do not wear this style.
6. If your color is dark then the color of maroon, red, blue or brown will fit on you.

7. If your color is blonde then you will beat green, yellow color.

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