Fashion tips to Become a good Designer

Fashion tips to Become a good Designer : BFD Fashion Designing Institutes

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The main work of Fashion Designer is to give new designs in Dresses. There are two basic departments under Modern Fashion. The first is the design of the clothes and the second ready-to-wear. In both of these classes fashion designing is used in the first class. At present, fashion shows are running on this. These shows reveal the creativity and creativity of fashion designers. The work of a good fashion designer is to design the best in view of the people’s liking in the market.¬†Fashion tips to Become a good Designer : BFD Fashion Designing Institutes in Pakistan.

How to Become a successful Designer

Before designing fashion, know these things

You know what? There is no formal education or certification to become a successful fashion designer, but it is not easy to do any work without learning. For this, you have to be aware of the fashion industry, the method of drawing, stitching and designing. You must be aware of fashion in the market. Let me provide you all the information about making career in fashion designing.

If you have a good knowledge of textile, pattern, color coding, texture etc. then do not panic at the adoption of a career in fashion designing. There is no scope for your success and your name can be trafficked in the fashion industry. Especially in countries like India where there is a confluence of western civilization in fashion, and this Milan has given the fashion industry a new direction and identity. The combination of colors in fashion designing and the weaving based on fabric is of great importance.

Fashion is never permanent. There are changes in this over time. The most important aspect of design is that fashion depends on one or another theme. Like: weather, people’s choice special etc. If you have noticed, fashion is mainly according to the weather. For example, in the winter season you will find color and fabric according to the same. Along with this, woolen clothes, polo neck, blue and brown will be seen. In contrast, in the summer you will get casual, cotton and white colors.

Where to Start Career in Fashion Designing

If you like fashion designing and you also want to make a career in fashion designing, then you prepend yourself after the tenth or the barvi that I have to make a career in this field. And collecting information about this area, keep taking notes from TV, Newspapers.

Fashion designers have extensive decorations of their skills, including assaying of drawing, color and texture, the ability to visualize concepts in three dimensions, and the mechanism of stitching of all types of clothing. So learn all these tuusson lessons. Learn how to bind after wearing clothes, how to walk, how to respond, etc. To design, it is very important to use the information obtained about clothing. Also keep information about material sources.

Learn from existing designers, just do not see who they are but learn their background, their distinctive style, their responsibility like them. This information will help you to become a better designer, and for this, you can get suggestions from them or create suggestions on their suggestions.

In order to pursue careers in fashion designing, take a degree, diploma or certification in fashion designing from a recognized institution. For this you have to pass the minimum 12th examination. You can do this course in full time or part time.

Many fashion designing programs also include marketing courses. Certain programs or highlights focus more on marketing than other things, so make sure to research the courses included in the program you choose. If you are already doing a course but have lost the marketing or financial side, then consider doing a short course of these parts of the business.

How much will spend in fashion designing

Different coursework fees are different for fashion designing. At the same time, the fee depends on the institute too.

Learn more things beyond design:

There is a complete supply chain in the fashion industry, and you need to understand what is the work of every person, so to negotiate, to meet demands and to understand what obstacles to things Coming, you can see things from their perspective. Learn what other people do, like, buyer, vendor, pattern cutters, technologists of clothing and textiles, quality controllers, graders, sample engineers, sales people, marketing people, fashion journalists, wholesalers, event organizers, fashion stylists And other people

After this you can start your company as well as grow your business. Fashion designing is a very challenging and glamorous business, with national and international events organized. This is a show of costumes designed by you. If you become popular then your demand.

Some advice

Working as a designer can be a difficult business physically. You will need to prepare.
Be worthy to bear humiliation. Nobody is the best Get advice from your family and friends. Never lose heart and do not lose your passion.
Whatever you can do according to your strengths. Do not work according to others, listen to your heart!
Wear your own fashion as much as possible. To promote them, what better way to wear these garments themselves? When people ask you about them, be prepared to give all the details, in less words and in a lively manner, to attract listeners.

Best Fashion Design Universities and Colleges in Pakistan

Institute Name


Degree & Duration

Government College University Faisalabad BFA , 4 Years
National Textile University Faisalabad BFD (HONS) , 4 Years
Pakistan Institute Of Fashion Design Lahore B.DES , 4 Years
Shaheed Benazir Bhutto Women University Peshawar BFD (HONS) , 2 Years
Women University Swabi Swabi BFD (HONS) , 4 Years
Iqra University [isb] Islamabad BFD , 4 Years
Dadabhoy Institute Of Higher Education Karachi BFD , 4 Years
Indus University Karachi BFD , 4 Years
Iqra University [kch] Karachi B.Sc. [Hons] , 4 Years
Shaheed Benazir Bhutto City University Karachi BFD , 4 Years
Sindh Institute Of Management And Technology Karachi BS , 4 Years
Textile Institute Of Pakistan Karachi BBA , 4 Years
Hajvery University Lahore BFD (HONS) , 3 Years
Imperial College Of Business Studies Lahore BFD (HONS) , 4 Years
Minhaj University Lahore BS , 4 Years
National College Of Business Administration And Economics, Lahore Lahore BFD , 4 Years
The Superior University Lahore BS , 4 Years
University Of Management And Technology Lahore BFD (HONS) , 4 Years
University Of South Asia Lahore BFD (HONS) , 4 Years
Institute Of Southern Punjab Multan BFA , 4 Years

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