Easy Ways to Teach English to Kids

Easy Ways to Teach English to Kids

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The only important teacher in language teaching is the teacher. The teacher should understand that which can communicate knowledge and essence in the new generation. His goal should be a foundation based on a strong knowledge which can prove to be effective in building student’s personality in the future and to make him a society useful member. Control of the teacher’s classroom depends on how much knowledge is there on the subject? And how much can she contribute to the learning process? Coordination with the process of learning between student and teacher and communication of knowledge to the student is an important process of language learning. Teachers, can check here the easy ways to teach English to kids.

Easy Ways to Teach English to Kids

Smart and Effective Ways to Teach Children

While teaching any language there are some considerable points which should be considered for improving learning.

What is the main purpose of language learning? Is the main purpose of language learning curriculum, proficiency in reading, reading, translation or any other purpose?

What is the nature of language and how will it affect the teaching of that language?

What will be the contribution of Mother Language in the teaching of that language?

What methods should be adopted for the language proficiency, can these methods become the method of language teaching?

What methodology and technology should be adopted in that environment for language learning?

There are many problems in teaching English language in rural areas. The most complex problem among these is the huge lack of trained teachers of English. The only important teacher in language teaching is the teacher. The teacher should understand that which can communicate knowledge and essence in the new generation. His goal should be a foundation based on a strong knowledge which can prove to be effective in building student’s personality in the future and to make him a society useful member. Control of the teacher’s classroom depends on how much knowledge is there on the subject? And how much can she contribute to the learning process? Coordination with the process of learning between student and teacher and communication of knowledge to the student is an important process of language learning.

The teacher has to face difficulties on the following topics in the teaching of English language in rural areas.


Sense of any word is also very difficult in maternal language. Students do not read words at primary level in language teaching, because they do not know the correct pronunciation of English words, they are difficult to read words, because of the diversity of the English language there is inequality in pronunciation and pronunciation. There are 44 sounds for 26 characters in English. Based on the use of the word the sounds are determined. By using ninam processes we can teach children the spellings of the words of the English language.

The teacher should tell the correct rules of spellings in class.
➤ students should summon the spellings of new words loudly at least 5 times in the group.
➤ Students should help the teacher in pronouncing correct words.
➤ Weekly spellchecking exercises will help children learn the right balance.
At the school level, the use of the English dictionary proves to be effective in learning.
➤ Make a poster of tough words every week and put it in the classroom.

Home work:

90% of the students in rural areas do not care for homework. Teachers also do not look forward to giving homework and checking it. The main reason for this is that the ratio of students in the classroom is higher. By doing house work, students develop understanding ability to understand the topic and summarize it. The main resolution point related to home work is low.

If the student does not come by doing homework then accept his excuse.
➤If he is making excuses every day, take the remedy to get rid of his reasons.
Should give clear instructions while giving the work of the house so that the student understands what exactly the teacher wants.
Talk to him about the importance of the house work.
➤If you are not checking daily or weekly homework, then check the house work of three or four children every day.
Praise those students

Difficulties in students composition:

Most students have many difficulties in composition at high school and higher secondary level. Its main reason is that teachers do not have to explain the composition properly to the students. In the study of composition mainly, the following problems have to be faced. 01 Do not understand the English script. 02. Not able to use English grammar properly. 03. Not able to disclose ideas according to the circumstances. 04. Not able to exhibit intuitive and simple language. The teacher should explain the composition to students in the classroom in the following manner.

➤ The teacher should clearly write the topic blackboard on the screen.
The hint or clue related to itatic should be written below.
Tell students about the topic related to that topic in a simple language. And the main idea of that composition should be explained.
The idea of students on this topic should be written on the blackboard. Ask any number of statements coming from the students to be sorted.
➤ Students need help in expanding their ideas through formulas, dictionaries and charts.
When checking the composition, type the instructions “It would have been nice and could have been better if the following points were expanded.”
When checking composition, special attention should be given on grammar, syllabus and punctuation.

Difficulties reading English Grammar:

The teaching of context refers to the grammar on the student’s mind, so the most appropriate way to teach English grammar is considered by the story itself. The following methods should be adopted while studying Grammar in class.

At elementary level students should explain Grammar’s rules clearly.
If the student is not familiar with the rules of English grammar, then they should not speak English grammar.
Students should be given close exercises in the examination so that the students will maintain the spirit of participation.
➤ Students should practice personal questions so that they can develop the ability to respond promptly.
To explain the configuration of languages, the mother tongue should be illustrated. By giving a parallel sentence in both languages, the student will be able to understand quickly.
The teacher should teach English Grammar by combining both the Grammar translation method and the Situational method.

Bad handwriting:

The problem most for the teacher is with poor writing of the students. Some things can be improved if the behavior of the students is improved. First of all, the teacher should write beautifully on the board so that the desire to write good and beautiful writing in the student’s mind awakens. Some students do not catch the pen properly, the teacher should keep an eye on this and the students should personally go and explain the correct way of catching the pen. Students should get familiarized with the size of the letters because the students should get the letters There is a difficulty in understanding and understanding such as (bd), (un), (mw), (qp) continuous writing of these letters should be done in the classroom.

The students should understand the rules of good and beautiful handwriting.
01- The sentence should start with the capital letter.
02- The end of the sentence should be a complete break.
03- There should be regular intervals between the two words in the sentence.
04- The question mark in the reader and the exclamatory sentences should be used in the end.
05- At the time of writing the students, attention should be given to the movement of hands.
06- The best handwriting should be performed in front of all students.
07- Handwriting competition should be organized and students should be rewarded with beautiful handwriting so that the desire to make beautiful handwriting in the mind of students can be awakened.

Teaching English Poetry:

Teaching English poetry in Indian rural surroundings is a very difficult task. When the teacher teaches poetry in the class of English, most students are not interested in reading poetry due to boring environment and the atmosphere of the classroom is cumbersome. To teach English poetry, the teacher has to connect the students with poetry. Students join the words of poetry in reading poetry while enjoying the students. The teacher should adopt the following methods while teaching English poetry.

Teach the poem in the melodious voice of the students and tell the students that they blindly listen to the fluctuations of your voice.
Ask the students how are the feelings of this poem. Suffering, joyful or spiritual or any other emotion
Talk to the students about the expressions of poetry.
Explain the interpretation of the words to those words that express those expressions.
Talk to students about each line of poetry Explain the rhythm and rhythmic words of poetry.
➤ After understanding the full poem, recite the poem once again to the students and ask them what has changed in their previous expressions?


In order to master knowledge of a language, it is very important to have knowledge of the dictionary of that language. Students of rural areas lack English vocabulary, so the teacher should use the following methods to expand the students’ score in class with priority.

Teach students to explain new words with context.
➤ Insert new words from the text on the black board.
Display these words with pictures or hints.
Treat the children with the dictionary brain brain staging method.
Practice practicing methods such as pairing students, match the column, (select the odd one) etc.
Encourage a group of students to interact with new words.
Use mind games, wings, puzzles and other games to teach new words to students.

Difficulty speaking English in class:

Motivating students to speak English in the classroom is a very difficult task. Students are accustomed to speaking in their mother tongue, so they find it difficult to speak English. The teacher should use the following techniques to motivate students to speak English in class.

The teacher should present himself in the class as an English speaker.
The mother tongue of the students should be used only when necessary in the classroom. Answers to questions in their mother tongue should also be given in English.
➤If they do not understand sentences of English then try to understand by the pictures, gestures and facial expressions.
➤ Students should answer their ideal answer by asking questions so that they can understand the process of answering them correctly.

➤ Note their mistakes and do not touch them in the middle of speaking and then correct them in mistakes.
Give them enough time to express their thoughts. Do not hurry.
Do not force the students who are not ready to speak.
Do not criticize the students on the occult but instead improve the mistake with encouragement.
Do the following for the students to speak, do not see the faces of the students while speaking.
Encourage group negotiation.


Evaluation is one such tool that analyzes the effectiveness of the academic curriculum. Only by the performance of students, we can not figure out how effective the educational system is. This requires evaluation of the overall mechanism. The main goal of evaluation is to assess each skill of the students. The aim is to reduce the pressure of the exams on the students.

The following things should be included in the evaluation of the English.1. Overview of the situation – What is the question and how to explain it?
2. DEDUCTION method – What does the student know and show them according to the situation?
3. How does harmony or adjustment to the real situation?
4. Assessment using Information Technology.

While assessing, the teacher should bring the following batten to the verb method.
Explain the importance of evaluation of students.
➤ The result of learning from the assessment should be the result.
Evaluation should be subjective and students should know their level of assessment.
Encourage students to self-assess.
➤ In the assessment, all four streams should be included in the LRSW.
Students get feedback from the evaluation and their mistakes in the future improve.
➤ The method of evaluation should give the students the confidence to move forward.

Assessment helps educators improve and change their teaching.

Teaching of English in rural environment is extremely difficult and there is a lot to be done in this field. It is necessary to make a sure foundation for this. In rural areas, education of English should be done in a creative way so that work can be done with stress and good education to the students in time. Children in rural areas have infinite abilities and abilities but due to the lack of proper direction and direction these energy is being destroyed. When students understand the practical use of English, they will adopt it as the medium of their colloquial form. This difficult task is not possible by any one’s efforts. For this, collective efforts of teachers and society are expected.

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