Easy Home Remedies For Long And Thick Hair

Easy Home Remedies For Long And Thick Hair

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Every girl first wants that her hair is black, long and thick. While there are good hair rearing your personality, there is a great help in enhancing the beauty of our body. Therefore it is very important to give them plenty of nourishment to make your hair healthy, soft and shiny. Grow thick hair in a week. Check here the some easy home remedies for long and thick hair.

Easy Home Remedies For Long And Thick Hair

Tips to make long and thickĀ hair

Now let’s see how to make the hair dense. It is often that the hair keeps falling. If new hair does not grow quickly, hair does not look too thick. Use this to grow hair and avoid falling.

The way to grow hair is to put onion juice in a bottle filled with bottles. Allow this juice to stay in the root of the hair for 30 minutes and wash it later.
Break in an egg-layered vessel and put coconut oil and citrus well and apply it to the muscles of the hair and let it remain for 30 minutes.
Let the yogurt stay for two to three days and if it becomes sour then keep it in the hair, it will avoid hair fall and also black. Will not be white for a long time.


You may have seen onions as a vegetable often, but you would be surprised to know that by using onion you can prevent hair from falling. Onion juice removes all hair problems and nourishes hair. Onion protects against hair loss and protects them from being brown. Onion juice has a bacterial property which can prevent head infection, which prevents hair from being diluted.


Amla is very beneficial for hair. Due to the presence of nutrients such as carotenoid in amla, it helps in increasing hair growth. If your hair is not black then mixing powder of amla and rhea will make your hair black. By applying the gooseberry juice once a week, the hair starts growing rapidly.


Eggs contain abundant proteins, selenium, phosphorus, zinc, iron, sulfur and iodine, which protect our hair from falling. Nutrients present in the egg are also beneficial for hair. These nutrients help in lengthening the hair too.

Aloe vera and honey

Aloe vera and honey are considered a boon for hair. Aloe vera contains vitamins, selenium, and many other types of nutritious elements that relieve hair from dandruff. Mixing aloe vera gel and honey with equal amounts and putting it in the hair, the hair is healthy, strong and long.


Henna works as a natural conditioner for hair. Applying half cup of curd in a cup of henna powder, hair roots are strong and hair is thick.


Potatoes will also be seen and eaten. Along with eating potatoes, it also helps in increasing hair fast. If the potatoes are applied for about 20 minutes on a scalp before bath, it will help to make your hair long and strong.


Because of the high levels of silicon and sulfur in cucumber, hair starts increasing rapidly due to its use. For this, wash your hair with cucumber juice or mix cucumbers, carrots and spinach with all the juice and drink them. Hair increases by this.


By making a paste of fenugreek seeds, half an hour on the head increases the hair faster and the problem of dandruff ends.

Coconut and olive oil

Put one tablespoon of coconut oil and olive oil on your hair and head at least three times a week. This will relieve hair loss.

Let me tell you that hair growth depends on your health and food. If your hair takes too much time to grow, it means that your hair needs care. Our focus should not only be towards hair growth,.

Do not comb wet hair

Do not comb into wet hair any time, because at this time they are most likely to break. Dry hair with the air.

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