Better career in the world of law

Better career in the world of law; Best Law Colleges in Pakistan

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There is no two opinion that the need for legal advisers is not only in the personal life, but at company level and even at the level of the organization. Employment can be found by getting specialization in various areas of law such as civil law, corporation law, criminal law, international law, patent law, tax law, labor law, administrative law, constitutional law. Check here the better career in the world of law. Better career in the world of law; Best Law Colleges in Pakistan. Easy Guidelines for candidates who are taking admission for LLB programme in Universities and Colleges in Pakistan.

Better career in the world of law

Beginner’s Guide to set a Career in Law

There are very bright prospects in terms of career in the field of law today. Now joining the judicial process has become very important not only from social but also from the point of view of money and status. After globalization and after socio-economic changes in society, there has been so much increase in the formation of new laws that there has been a shortage of good experts associated with the law. New employment survey indicates that the demand of Indian law graduates is not only in the country, but also in the developed and developing countries of the world.

There is no double opinion that the need for legal advisers is not only in the personal life but at the level of company and organization. Employment can be found by getting specialization in different areas of law such as Civil Law, Corporation Law, Criminal Law, International Law, Patent Law, Tex Law, Labor Law, Administrative Law, Constitutional Law etc.

With the degree of LLB, many educational institutes also run many supporting courses of law, these are run as diploma courses. Under these, there is a special demand for diploma courses of International Law, Cyber Law, Patent and Copyright Law Labor Law, Tex Law etc.

Major Law Careers are as follows

Cyber Law

The present era is of information technology. Hence, the law required for regulating the Internet and information technology sector at the present time is called Cyber Law. Due to the increasing influence of information technology in life, there are unlimited opportunities for employment in this area.
International Law – International Law means international law. Under this, the problems arising between national interests, along with the residents and businessmen of different nationalities, are resolved through this law. There are plenty of bright opportunities at the international level of careers in this field.

Paint and Copyright Law

This law is required to address the patents and copyright issues of various products. There are bright career opportunities in this field.

Labor Law

Labor Law has been created to solve the rights of workers and their problems. There are also bright prospects of this sector.

Tex Law

Tax Law Experts solve different types of tax problems and other types of personal tax issues during various types of industry trades. There is a huge demand for tax law experts in corporate areas.

Civil Judge Examination – Most students who choose the law as a career have the dream of being elected in the judicial services examination and get the post of civil judge. The post of the Civil Judge is currently very well established. In it there are plenty of opportunities for honor, prestige and prosperity along with deductions. Civil Judge examination is organized in all the states of the country.
In addition to the post of Civil Judge, the lawyers are also appointed by the Union Public Service Commission in the central services on the basis of their experience. At the central level, the position of Law Officer, Legal Adviser, Deputy Legal Adviser etc. In the states, lawyers in the state police, revenue and judicial departments are appointed. The posts of the Judicial Magistrate, District and Sessions Judge, Sub Magistrate, Public Prosecutor, Advocate General, Notary and Affidavit Commissioner are available in different subordinate courts.
Apart from these, the lawyer can work as a legal advisor for firms, institutions and families. If an advocate wants to practice advocacy in the form of an advocate, then the State Bar Council has to apply in the prescribed form. Many private practitioners earn hundreds of millions per month.
The salaries of corporate houses and companies associated with companies are also attractive. The salary of the judges and other law workers at the government level is fixed by the Pay Commission. Similar posts like solisiters, public defender, attorney general, advocate general and district attorney can also be found. Employment can also be found in the role of writer in many places as a company secretary and for writing law reports. There are alternatives to go to teaching and defense service too.

LLB degree is mandatory for any career in the field of law. Until a decade ago, education of the law was normally done in the form of a three year LLB course. Laws were to be done only after the first bachelor’s degree. Graduate (LL.M.) in Law is of two years. The minimum qualification for this is LLB degree.
For the past few years, a five-year new law has emerged. This course is especially for the students of XII. Currently, Law Universities with specialization are also providing law education under this five-year system.

All Law Universities enter admission based on written admission test in their five-year degree course. To join this examination, it is necessary to pass the XII examination with at least fifty percent marks in the academic qualification.

List of LLB Law Universities and Colleges in Pakistan

Best Law Colleges in Balochistan


University of Balochistan Quetta
Sibi Law College, Sibi (unaffiliated) Sibi
City School of Law Quetta
Khuzdar Law College Khuzdar
University Law College Quetta
Idins law college muzaffar gharh( ishtiaq ahmed qureshi_TMO) ISLAMABAD
Best Law Colleges in Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa
University of Peshawar Peshawar
Abbott Law College Abbottabad
Abbott Law College Mansehra
Ayub Law College Haripur
Justice Law College Abbottabad
Frontier Law College Peshawar
Kohat Law College Kohat
Mardan Law College Mardan
Muslim Law College Swat
University Law College Peshawar
Gomal University, Law College Dera Ismail Khan

Best Law Colleges in Punjab

Bahauddin Zakariya University Multan
Multan Law College Multan
Multan Law College D.G.Khan
Supreme Law College Multan
Noor Law College Multan
INEX Law Acdemy Multan
Islamia University Bahawalpur Bahawalpur
Bahawalpur Law College Bahawalpur
Millat Law College Bahawalpur
AIPS Law college Bahawalpur
Ali Law College Rahimyar Khan
Jinnah Muslim Law College Islamabad
University College Lahore Lahore
Lahore University of Management Sciences Lahore
University of the Punjab Lahore
Quaid-e-Azam Law College Lahore
Quaid-e-Azam Law College Okara
Quaid-e-Azam Law College Sargodha
Allama Iqbal Law College Sialkot
City Law College Lahore
Ghousia Law College Okara
Gujrat Law College Gujrat
School of Law Lahore
Hamayat Islam Law College Lahore
Himayat-e-Islam Degree College for Women Lahore
Jinnah Law College Jhelum
Lahore Law College Lahore
Lyallpur Law College Faisalabad
Muhammad Ali Jinnah Law College Gujranwala
Muhammadan Law College Sheikhupura
Muslim Law College Rawalpindi
Pakistan College of Law Lahore
Punjab Law College Lahore
Punjab Law College Rawalpindi
Rawalpindi Law College Rawalpindi
Superior College of Law Lahore
Jandanwala College of Law Jandanwala(Kharian)

Best Law Colleges in Sindh

Shaheed Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto Institute of Science and Technology Karachi
Shah Abdul Latif University Khairpur
AMMARA Law College Ghotki
University of Karachi Karachi
S. M. Law College Karachi
Islamia Law College Karachi
University of Sindh Jamshoro
Mirpurkhas Law College Mirpurkhas
Quaid-e-Azam Law College Nawabshah
University Law College Jamshoro

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