Best ways to learn a languagees ( professionals and opposition)

Best ways to learn a language ( professionals and opposition)

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Want to learn languages? Congratulations! Learning a new language is a big step, because most people live comfortably with language learning in high school, whether they learn English, Spanish, French, German etc. Now that you are ready to take the next step – really learning languages – you are probably thinking, what is the best way to learn English, Spanish, French, German etc.?

You’ve come to the right place. In this article, we will tell you the best ways to learn any language, where you can go to start learning, and professional and opposition for each option before we dig, first understand that we are only the best language How to learn more than learning.

How do humans learn best

Looking at the decades of research and study, the human brain, learning institutions have publicly shown how humans learn.

It turns out that humans remember:

5% of what they learn while learning from a lecture (i.e. university / college lecture)

After learning from reading (i.e. books, articles) 10% of what they learn

20% of what they learn from audio-visual (i.e. app, video)

30% of what they learn when they see an exhibit

50% of what they learn during group discussions

75% of the people who learn what they learn learn

When they use instant (or teach others) 90% of what they learn,

Through any boring lecture, the university or college may be related to the fact that what is ineffective teaching done through lectures or traditional textbooks is an information in one ear, and on the other hand!

When you can learn mathematics or history without any dialogue, it is not how language learning works. In other words, languages were learned and used with other humans, not as Dolingo, Rosetta Stone, or YouTube. Through an algorithm-based app. This is a good way of learning as a hobby, but if you are seeking real results, then for decades of scientific research it shows that this is a wrong approach.

The good news is that there are better ways to learn a language than to rely on traditional, ineffective methods that were not trained to learn from our brain, compared to learning through lectures, you will see that learning through immersion (ie Speaking with native speakers / humans) is 18 times more effective

It has to highlight three best ways of learning a language (through immersion!)

1. Accountability Companion

Start with: Your Internal Circle and Network
Pros: Free
Opposition: It is very difficult to find someone who can help you, unless you are giving something in return, it is also complex to maintain a long-term relationship.

For visitors, There is a good place to start learning some of your own circles of friends If you can think of someone who already knows how to speak Spanish, Italian, or your target language, then they will help you Ask for to say the worst thing is that they will tell you whether they are too busy or they know another friend who can help.

In the case of difficulty in finding someone, it is at the highest place because most of us lack the network to find a reliable person to help us, or even if we do not return anything back to our friends It does not seem easy to ask

2. Conversation Exchange

Professionals: Free and many fellow language lovers can meet you online
Cons: It takes time and patience requires finding the right language companion to match your schedule. Most of the language partners you have will not have any professional experience teaching.

The second option to learn a language through immersion is a conversation exchange.

There is a conversation exchange, where people are coming together to learn a language, in an ideal situation to help each other practice your targeted languages, you can find someone who is in your targeted language Fluent speakers and the language you speak from want to learn too. In this way, there is a mutually beneficial relationship that has been formed.

From personal experience, most of the conversations are trying to find just one language partner, which fits your target language, timetable and personality. If you are missing one of those factors, the exchange of conversations will not be most likely.

He said, if you have a lot of time on your hands and you are incredibly motivated to learn a new language, going with the conversation exchange route can be the best option for you. For all of us, who do not have much time, or want to work with a professional speaker, you should go with it …

3. Business language lessons

Professionals: You work with a professional teacher who is dedicated to 100% of your needs and success.

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