Beautiful Nail Art for Special Occasions

Beautiful Nail Art for Special Occasions

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The multicolored manicure, which is visible some years ago, is still in fashion. And it seems, it will never come out of it. After all, it involves an incomparable number of variations coming for each other’s replacement. From simple designs of manicure and different forms of nails to the striking patterns of rainbow, feng shui and nail art, for the striped pattern of fine ombrane manicure. We will tell you about the most popular techniques for multicolored manicure demonstration and how you will learn to combine colors.

Beautiful Nail Art

Fashion ombre

To the top, from the lower edge of the nail plate, a shield of two colors, and the other one is smooth – this very popular technique became ombre. With the help of special equipment in the salon, the ombre makes it, and it can be easily done in the following ways at home:

Firstly the nakraste nail is selected as a color you primary (which remains unchanged based on the nail plate).
On wet sponge or sponge, paint with a main paint varnish strip and, without space, the second bar.
Tilt the sponge on the nail, grab it a little – and you will see a smooth transition of color on your finger.
Varnish stays on the skin, so you need to immediately remove the extra paint with a cotton-bog dipped in a liquid to remove the varnish. Prior to the introduction of manicure, the skin was spread with a thick cream, to remove the skin more easily and paint.

Apply a fixer or a colorless coating, at the top of the shield.

Trendy in the past and the current season at Ombre.

Scotch – Trend of the Season

Neil-makers came with the use of Scotch Tape to easily create a striped manicure. And the tape has become an integral part of the Nail Art fans, because with its help, it is revealed that there is a smooth boundary between the colors and draws all kinds of complex patterns, indicating a flight of imagination. Strips are scotched, even cut or twisted. In the nail (the thing is that there is no need to paint at this time), and sticking to them from the color of the nail free. Wait till drying and stick the other strip.

Before applying the strips of adhesive tape on the nail, advise on how to avoid damaging the surface of the tape of the tape, glue and separately on the back of a hand twice: You can drag horizontal, vertical, diagonal strips or zigzag. For example, take 4 pastel colors – blue, white, orange, green – and drag 4 diagonal strips on each nail. It looks very beautiful.

Beautiful manicure with stripes

A variety of steripid manicures – strips with sequins and rhinestones. That is, you can diversify the previous version, gently pull thin lines on the boundaries of colored bandages. Make a rhinestone paste on one of the borders. This option is more suitable for an evening event.

Another version of striped design is striped in a color scheme. For example, you can make a lemon manicure, cover all the nails, light shade yellow. And then, using the stencil from the Scotch tape, make the pattern light or light yellow. Like summer and joyful looks like this design, not a rudder, but different on each finger. A nail can be left without a pattern, one on one vertical vertical bar, on the other two diagonals, on the third triangle and similarly, after the imagination

Manicure by Feng Shui

It has come to know that a beautiful harmonious manicure, when two nails are painted in one color, and three-second, one type of feng shui teachings, alternatively, the sequence of colors alternately on the fingers selects anyone, But it does not always work well, and Manicure seems to be the most attractive at Feng Shui. Therefore, one color contains all the nails, except the unknown and the middle, and these two colors are another? Because middle finger is considered to be Saturn’s finger, which affects success in career, business and creativity.

Classic manicure at Feng Shui creates opposite nails on the right hand, leaves left with a basic shadow is due to the fact that the right hand is considered to be better and responsible for the return, and the more you give, the more do you get. That is, we choose Saturn and Sun’s fingers on the right hand side – and wait to see the best wishes! Of course, many make such a color on both hands, and it also looks beautiful, but there is no connection with ancient Chinese doctrine.

Manicure at Feng Shui can be varied by portraying hiraglyphics, and rarely they are found in neil art, so first of all, you will be original, and secondly, if you choose the suitable hieroglyphs, then you are positive, love and happiness. Will draw attention, carefully examine their meaning.

Each nail – its color from a color scheme

For example, you choose a color range, for example, choose red, and 5 varnishes, burgundy, bright red, red color, yellow red and pink. Or brown scale: dark brown, coffee, light brown, dark beige and light beige. But you can not cheat and buy 5 varnishes, but 2: For example, red and white, and mix for each nail, with a red white color, the more diluted Neal stylists can use colors for this type of manicure. In order to adhere to a certain sequence: dark varnish to paint a little finger, the rest are light, light on the thumb. The most popular color scheme in this design is from purple to lavender.

Manicure rainbow

Classic manicure-rainbow is not suitable for everyone and not always. It is very hot, fun and childish. Each nail is pulled in a different color from any color. Color scales, or a strip saw on each, rainbow repeats. This design is very bright and attractive but there is an option: the rainbow of silent colors For a nail, a different mat shed is chosen, for example, soft blue, yellow lime, lilac, light yellow, pistachios, peaches, pastel pink color in any order, this design These feel very fresh and gentle. For a rainbow manicure, black and white colors are not fit for pearl coating.

An odd nail

Trendy today and with only a contrast nail on the manicure ring finger. Compared to any other finger, the ring on the ring ring sounds the most beautiful and feminine. All nails come in one color, and inadvertently, in contrast with others. It is beautiful, when a nail is made completely of gold or silver, and it is also adorned with paintings, jewels, crystals etc.

How to choose two colors for manicure

If you do rainbow manicures (where you take color in random order, or according to the real rainbow principle) or a manicure with different colors in a color scheme – everything is clear. And how to design in which only two colors are used? For example, with a fingertip finger or opposite nick on an ombre. Your manicure does not seem tasteless, you have to add color combinations correctly to the guided colors.

According to them the simplest combination is monochrome, the combination of different colors and one color saturation combine. For example, there are dark green and light green, red and pink, dark blue and blue, purple and lilac, brown and light brown. This is the most harmonious type of combination

Pink-Violet Original Manicure

The second combination is the corresponding color, they are taken from a neighboring gamut in a color circle. For example, the combination of green and yellow colors, red and orange, green and blue. By the way, while selecting the related colors, you can not follow the similarity of colors, that is, select the dark in a range and light on the second scale. The combination of related flowers seems interesting

Who fits a colorful manicure?

Without much caution, you can say: The multi-colored nails will suit everyone, the main thing is not to go against logic and taste. Manicure is not colorful and attractive: soft pastel colors are also ideal for multi-colored nail designs.

When is required to apply a color manicure?
Girls and young women can use it almost forever, if you follow the main rules: to study – light colors and a minimum (not more than 3-4), weekends and holidays nails most of the many colors and nuts Colorful combination is acceptable to decorate.

Types of manicure for all occasions

Work and study
If you want to diversify every day manicure sheet, then lowered (or use of impeccable color) within a range – this is what you need. For example, adorn the hand without attracting smoothly negative attention from pink to silent blue color on a smoky-art ombre or a nail on different nails.

Weekend manicure

Working days are controlled within passion color nail traditions, weekends, holidays, vacation time and holidays you can enjoy independence and change on the custom Manicure Shellac as usual.

Colorful eggs
The multicolored caviar manicure is similar to a celebration confetti and can not be enjoyed. Manicure is perfect for summer and for the upcoming New Year holidays.

Multicolored flowers
Sometimes there is lack of bright colors and abundance of different colors. You can repair the blame on your nails: Such flowers are not fade, are available at any time of the year and are always closed. Except of gentleness, we add a scattering of the field and cultivating different tones of plants on a strong basis.

radiant glow
The most beneficial bright colors look on a black base. Yellow, red, pink, blue, light green – like fireworks in the night sky. This manicure is perfect for the spherical: A shiny coating will add a great talent and make the design even brighter. If desired, you can add a sequin and a rhinestone manicure is perfect for the new year and any other celebration.

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