Battery Maintenance Tips for Smartphone or Tablet

Battery Maintenance Tips for Smartphone or Tablet

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Smartphones are ideal, filling one day those greedy smartphone software, especially difficult to compare a nurse of food. Currently, the battery life of a weakness smartphone remains. When the breakthrough in the field of technology is not reached, we can read a mobile phone battery power saving and battery maintenance tips. Learn here the battery maintenance tips for smartphone or tablet.

Battery Maintenance Tips for Smartphone or Tablet

Android’s Battery Maintenance Tips

Don # 39; t wait for the battery to charge

Like many tweets, to use the mobile phone to see the friends used to turn power to use only 5% to memorize some of the clean napkins out of the body, straight segment charge, this way It is embarrassing to give the behavior. Lithium-ion battery is the most suitable of 40% charging battery when the specialist tells us that when the minimum is depleted.

Don # 39; Feed t fake universal charger battery

Generally speaking, most insurance machine original charger Cottage charger quality is not sufficient, reliable power instability, the battery is very small and weak to harmful. Blackberry battery durability is good, but a universal charger monkeying battery will soon get worse goes wrong.

No phone charge

For two reasons, one is a charging phone, will be more than the normal dose of electromagnetic radiation, affecting your tadpole activity and second, the effect on battery life.

Mobile phone long, remember to pull out the battery

Even if you battery battery dew, do not turn on the self-discharge phenomenon from the aging cell phone circuit to the acid corrosion line.

Cherish life, away from water

Yes, battery water, like your wife. Although a good lubricant, which brings home life to a lot of fun, is water, but the mobile phone’s battery does not buy it. If the battery accidentally touched the water, then be prepared to throw it right.

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