Android apps that give you free internet and talktime

Android apps that give you free internet and talktime

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If you get mobile internet data for free, then what could be better than that. But there is a hidden intention of such companies to do so. Perhaps this is the reason that Airtel Zero and Facebook’s Free Basics Service gave rise to the discussion of net neutrality. Check here the android apps that give you free internet and talktime.

Android apps that give you free internet and talktime

Now use free internet with these Apps

The question is, the companies are giving the internet without money, but they are compelled to access the selected website only. And it’s not beneficial for the user at all. With the passing of time, new screws have emerged. But there are many such apps in the market that give you free internet. There is nothing hidden in their service. All these apps are for prepaid users.

1. My Aids

Watch the ad, then make money by answering a few simple questions about it. Its concept is so obvious that we do not have to explain anything to you. You can see ads in the Wi-Fi network. You do not even need to download or use another app.

It is not so easy to look at advertisements But to get 45 bucks worth 8 rupees, we found a great option. You can use this money to recharge your phone or to purchase mobile data.

2. Gigato

This is probably the best app in this category. Gigato gives its user the option to earn data on the app. You need to install the Zigato app for this. This will suggest you many different apps that you can use to earn data. Generally the internet data earned is more than the amount spent in using these apps. Even though using these apps will initially consume data but later you will earn free data.

For example, you spend 20 MB of data to use WhatsApp or Twitter. During this time you earn 25 MB of data that you can get from your telecom company.

When you launch this app, you will find a list of apps that are app-enabled. This list will be the same app as it already exists on your device. After that, Zigato will suggest you install many apps for free data. Given that there are many popular apps already available in the zigato, you will not need to make any special changes to your use.

In addition to installing gigato, you also allow it to check the app in your mobile. Users and experts believe that Gigato does not violate your privacy.

3. Ear Talktime

Arn Talktime is very similar to the Jigato app. It also gives you free data in lieu of using another app. However, its method is slightly different. Gigato gives you rechargeable to use mobile data on the app, while Arn Talktime App pays you money which you can use for prepaid rechargeers.

If you download the Drum app, you will earn 5 bucks, or 20 rupees for downloading the Mantra app. After downloading Lybrate and then asking a question on the app, you will earn 50 bucks.

You can also earn your friends by suggesting this app. The money earned after this can be used to buy internet data. This app has not revealed the infringement of privacy. However, keeping an eye on this app’s working style, you should keep an eye out.

4. Petunus

At Geography or Arn Talktime, you have to work differently to earn talk time, while the Peanuts App replaces your ringtones with advertising. After that you get money for every call. Petunus becomes a part of your phone’s activity every day.

Payouts are not too much. You will have to answer three calls to earn 1 rupee on the app. If you also get 15 phone calls a day, you will earn 150 rupees in the month. It can be used to recharge data packs or other bills via Mobikquis.


5. By recharge the phone

Apps such as FreeCarz, Petim, MobileKuwi or Airtel Money give you the option to recharge online mobile, along with some special deals and cashback offers also come along. This means that when you recharge your phone, you can take advantage of a special offer using any of these apps. These offers are different for every day. So install two-three apps on the mobile and check the offer on every platform before recharging. By doing this you will save money.

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