15 Beauty problems and their solution

15 Beauty problems and their solution

Beauty Tips

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There are many types of beauty problems in women’s mind and body, but they are also easy to solve. Today, here we will give you a solution from the Expert about 15 problems that will be useful to you. Take a look 15 Beauty problems and their solution.

Common Beauty problems and their Easy solution

1. Problem # –

I am 20 years old, I have started losing hair . For a long time, what are the steps I can take?

Solution – long hair is the desire of every woman. If somebody’s hair is not long, then there are many reasons. Add Amla, Shikakai and Brahmi powder to the hair twice a week. Also add fenugreek seeds in coconut oil and apply it twice a week in hair roots. This will make your hair strong and long.

Problem # 2 –

I’m a 20 year old girl. My skin is beautiful, face is very dark. What can I do for this? Dark Skin Ko Gora Banane Ke Liye Salaah De.

Solution – Mix turmeric powder in raw milk. Leave it for 15 minutes on face, then wash it with lukewarm water. Steam on the face for 5 minutes. Wash with cold water a little later. If you get out in the sun, then leave the sunscreen cream. Wash the face with soap, instead of soap. The color of the face will be cleared gradually.

Problem # 3 –

In the head of my daughter has become tired and dried up, which does not come out even after trying hard. To get rid of this, please advise me what to do?

Solution – The reason for being in the head is dirt in the hair. First of all, take care of cleaning your head. Clean your towel and comb daily. Mix camphor in coconut oil and apply it twice a week in hair roots. After 1 hour, put neem leaves and wash the hair and wash the hair. There are also some medicines for removing the joints, which can be used by doctors on the advice of them.

Problem # 4 –

I’m an 18 year old girl. I have a little dark under the eyes, what should I do to make it clear, please give proper advice? To circle the dark circle.

Solution – Drink plenty of water to remove the dark circles of eyes. Take out the potato and cucumber juice and keep it in the freezer. When it becomes frozen snow, then wrap it in the cutan and roll around the eyes. This will solve the dark circles problem gradually. Have facial faces to look clean. Once a week, add curd in barley flour, prepare the scrubber, clean the face, then in a few days the face will become visible.

Problem # 5 –

I sweat a lot, blackheads on the face have become very much. Please advise what to do? Adhik Pasina Aane Ka ilaj

Solution – sweating comes in very high quantities to somebody. There is no bad thing in this. Drink plenty of water and take two to three times a day. This will give you some benefits. Massage to remove facial scars and use good cream.

Problem # 6 –

There are lots of sesame marks on my face, what can be done to remove them? Face should be visible, what should be done for it?

Solution – To remove facial mole can be treated by homeopathic and plastic surgery. Contact a good doctor. Wash your face with curd to keep the face clean. Make the paste of orange peel and Mulani clay paste, this will make the face look clean.

Problem # 7 –

I want to look beautiful, what should I do? Please give me advice.

Solution – There is no benchmark to look beautiful. You should take care of food and your figure, wear beautiful clothes and get up and sit down and learn the right way to talk. Make a self-confidence in yourself also. Also, exercise for at least 1 hour daily, this will make you look beautiful in a few days.

Problem # 8 –

What can be done to completely remove unwanted hair? Please give proper advice.

Solution – Waxing, hair remover and safety razor are used to remove unwanted hair. After removing the hair from all these, they come back to their place again. To remove completely unwanted hair, it is treated by laser branded parlors, but it is a bit expensive. Well, nowadays many doctors also solve such a problem which is called dermatologist.

Problem # 9 –

My face has acne. I suppress them by pressing the nails, there is no harm to it? Please advise.

Solution – To remove the acne, do not work to nail them with nails. This leads to stomach acne in place of acne. The skin also gets infected by nail pressing. Take hot water and steam your face. To remove acne, cream also comes in the market, put it on. Try to keep your stomach clean, because this problem is more if the stomach is not cleansed.

Problem # 10 –

My age is 30 years, my face is round and heavy, how can it be diluted?

Solution – Exercise in the morning. Eat as much fresh fruit as possible. Eat less fried things and take special care of eating. This will give you some benefits. The face is in proportion to the body, and when you become slim, the face will also become thin by the same size.

Problem # 11 –

In the heat, a black line is formed on my lips, which looks very bad. How can this be overcome?

Solution – Grind urad dhuli dal, red lentil pulse and make powder and mix little gram flour and curd in it and make paste. Leave it on top of the lips. After rubbing it after 15 minutes. While making makeup, it can also be hidden by lipstick.

Problem # 12 –

There was a stain on my nose during pregnancy, which is still lying. What treatment can this be?

The solution – the scar will be lightened over time but it can not be completely removed. The stain can also be removed from any good beauty parlor by making thermo facials.

Problem # 13 –

What to do to stay fresh?

Solution – Before bathing at night, surely bathing will surely bring a good sleep. Mix some drops of lavender in bath water, it will remain fresh throughout the day. Cotton clothes and less sunlight Keep yourself happy; this will make you feel fresh.

Problem # 14 –

What to do to protect hair from sunlight?

Solution – To protect hair from the sun’s ultraviolet rays, bolt the scarf on the head. Do not tighten the scarves tightly. If there is more sunlight then apply sunscreen air conditioners in the hair.

Problem # 15 –

How long should a small child massage in the summer season.

Solution – Only 10 minutes of massage will be fine in the summer. Give massage to the baby after massage. This will not stop the hair follicles of oil from the effect of oil and it will continue to get fresh air.

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