10 Quick Beauty Fixes to Look Innocent

10 Quick Beauty Fixes to Look Innocent

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All of us have a situation when we were running late for the meeting, the final makeup touches the finishing touches and suddenly blurry mascara, or your red wrong place just before you landed on the need to run out of doors.  Today’s article can talk about 10 beauty tips and quick beauty fixes that you can use to save your beauty meltdowns. Take 10 Quick Beauty Fixes to Look Innocent.

1) If you have too much red application and you do not have time to wash it, then do your makeup again, take a clean red brush, deep it in your fixing (or transparent) powder and unless you have your Go on your cheeks ductile dyed down bright colors on the cheeks If you have used a cream blush, mix it with your moisturizer with foundation on the back of your arm and mix it lightly on your cheeks, in this way you will calm the bright cheek color.

2) If you see in the mirror and see that your foundation became cakey then try this: Lightly spray your face with water and then smooth everything out with a damp sponge, very well blending all the edges.

3) To make your lipstick for a long time, apply your lipstick to the first line with the lips of the same color as your lipstick, then apply your lipstick and stain it down the paper and, finally, the powder with your lips . Repeat once and all the steps and you will find the “bullet proof” lips color that will last you through the 3-course dinner!

4) When your mascara scattered at the wrong time (when you are late for a meeting or late in the meeting) is okay here: dip a flat q-tip in your moisturizer and gently remove your face off smear. Use the other side of the tip of the smooth Q to the field outside.

5) Lip Gloss A wonderful beauty invention can make your lips lush and very attractive looking worth it! But the lip usually does not have a long stay power glosses. Try it to prolong the juicy glow of your lips glow on your lips: First, apply a soft lips pencil of the same color as your lips, mix it well with your finger, and only then on top of it Apply your lips glow. Waxing texture of lip pencil will help to keep your lips shine on your lips for a long time. Who does not love shiny and shiny lips?!

6) got your mascara clumpy? No worries! For a couple of minutes (hot, not boiling hot water), immerse your tightly closed tube of mascara in a glass of hot water. When you take it out (make sure you do not burn your fingers!), You will see your mascara soft and it will not clutter any more trees!

7) If your creamy eye shade goes to the crease, but you love this color and still want to use it, try this: after you have applied your cream eye shadow, lightly brush some transparent powder above it, it To help keep the shadow on the place, working on the same principle of “fixer”, just as when you fix your foundation with transparent powder.

8) If your eyeliner is blurred (this is especially related to women with oily skin), try this tip: after you have applied your liquid or gel liner, with a powder eye shadow of color matching Go to this (if you use the black eyeliner – use the black eye shadow).

9) Here’s a great tip for one night out: Your lipstick is flat and also looks matte, here’s how you can “make it spice up”: You can apply a lip glow just in the center of your lips Or you can apply a hope eye shadow in the center of your lips instead. Applying the bright eye shadow above your lipstick will make powder texture of your lips full and an eye shadow will also prolong the wearing time.

10) If your lip gloss is slip off your lips in half an hour, then mix your lips glow with your lipstick on the back of your hands and then, using your finger or a lip brush this long like your lips color and shine Try to apply on your lips until the time runs.

I hope you found it useful. What are your favorite quick beauty fixers? Share your thoughts and thoughts on the comments section below, below.

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